New act in the scene is doing their debut 12″ vinyl here on BBP Recordings. Mako & The Hawk is bringin’ back the good ‘ol days of raw funk – sampleheavy party joints.

Remember a time when samples were king and production was fat? Allow Mako & The Hawk to take you back as Breakbeat Paradise Recordings proudly welcome the UK production duo to the label for a four-track EP of b-boy-friendly hip-hop bangers.

The pair have been building a reputation as producers since 2009, gaining numerous radio plays for their funk, soul, hip-hop and reggae remixes and edits on, among others, Craig Charles’ BBC Radio 6 Funk & Soul Show. They released a joint EP with Morlack on his Funk Blasters label last year, and recently set up their own Tour Of Booty label to release their T Bird & The Breaks remix. Now, finally, Mako & The Hawkdrop a massive vinyl debut on which their ear for old school production values is writ large – the Party Goin’ On EP where the party is most definitely at. Don’t sleep!

A1. Party Goin’ On
If there was a sequel to The Wiseguys’ 1998 hits Ooh La La and Start The Commotion – it would sound like this. True to its name, the first timeParty Goin On was played live it took the roof off – hands in the air, ladies dancing on tables, the whole nine yards.

A2. Hold On
One of the East Coast’s biggest old school latin rapper duos meet an original soul sister on this big horns-drenched slab of party hip-hop. What my deejay name? Mako & The Hawk!

B1. Free NWA!
Did someone say nineties revival? How about splicing both ends of the decade together to move the crowd? Free NWA! Melds Dre and Co.’s Snoop-featuring ’99 West Coast gangsta reunion to loops culled from the funkiest ‘baggy’ track of 1990. Add in some kick/snare leverage and consider the crowd moved.

B2. Lowrider (feat. Loopez)
When Mako heard Loopez’s Lost Tapes # 1 instrumental on his Free LP – there was no doubt it had to be sampled and matched with a big latin hip-hop vocal. Loopez co-signed immediately and sent over the stems. Hawk cut up the organ to evoke The Mohawks’ Champ and shortly after that a lesser-known acapella by the West Coast’s biggest latin hip-hop act was added. What emerged from the Mako & The Hawk studio chop shop was this, in all its boom-bap glory.

Feedback for the Party Goin’ On EP:

“Party Going On” is an ANTHEM!!!!! Please let me know when it is cool for it to be played on the show as it would suit perfectly! It is one of those tunes that within 5 seconds you are going fuck me that is HUGE!!!!!!
Simon Hodges prod. Craig Charles BBC Radio 6 Funk & Soul Show

It rocks! What else you got hidden?
Slim Goodgroove