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Available in all stores Apr 19th 2019.


  1. Lazer Panda (feat. Shinder)
  2. Mosquito Lullaby
  3. Raptor Discotheque
  4. Electrhino
  5. Emu Goes Like This
  6. Zebra Tribe
  7. Hylobates
  8. Anteloop (feat. Bob)
  9. Killer Whale Odyssey

Breakbeat Paradise Recordingsis very pleased to welcome back the ElectroGorillawith his second solo release on the label. This time around he’s cooked up a full-length album of various block rocking beats with a good doze of electro funk elements.

Each track celebrates different spices in the animal planet by pairing them with an appropriate funky groove and breakbeat which makes up what the ElectroGorilla called the: Enimal Kingdom.

Since ElectroGorilla’s debute EP on BBP in 2015 he has been all around the funky breaks scene under various aliases. From TruFunk to Bomb Strikesunder the The Funk Fury and featuring on various compilations and releases on Future Funk under the name Synoptix.

Now he’s back in the Gorilla outfit and boy did he bring along the funk this time! Each track is showing a new and more melodic side and a depth in the productions that are rarely seen in the assembly line electronic music scene these days. Demonstrated to perfection on the melodies and catching wobble basslines on Mosquito Lullaby and the progressive funky grooves on the Anteloop featuring Bob. The mellow sides of the spectrum are also being experimented with on tracks like Zebra Tribeand the beautiful Killer Whale Odyssey. 

ElectroGorilla has mastered to hard task of producing an all-round easy listing breakbeat album – which can be listened to on a Friday night as well as while chilling on a beach on a Sunday afternoon. We’re welcome all generations of breakbeat lovers to go on this journey with us to the Enimal Kingdom. Enjoy!

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Juno Review:

“Breakbeat Paradise have been a on a serious roll over the last year or so, consistently delivering us the freshest Breakbeat originals.They continue this theme here with great success as Electrogorilla unveils 9 new creations, all laced with energetic drum work and smart sampling to draw out that nostalgic feel we all love about Breakbeat. From the classic electro synth rolls of ‘Electrhino’ and ‘Mosquito Lullaby’ to the more eye opening, aquatic sounds and sharp percussive inputs of ‘Killer Whale Odyssey’, ‘Enimal Planet’ one holds something for everyone. Our highlights include the niche grooves and grizzly bass tones of ‘Lazer Panda’ alongside Shinder and of course the spacious ambience of ‘Zebra Tribe’.

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Support Rating Comment
DJ Stach Support 10 ElectroGorilla have dropped a total blinder of an LP. Electrhino is by far the most awesome track of the lot. 10 out of 10
Roman/Dj Shinder Support 10 Like this music)
Buba King Support 8 Packing More Animal Sounds than Noahs Ark Funtastic!!!!!
Breaks Ida Support 6 Nice one… Downloading for Sérgio Gomes | BREAKS lda.
Johnny Pluse Support 10 really cool tracks on here .. nice n funky with break dance vibes
Liberty Chaps Support 8 Difficult to pick a fave but Mosquito Lullaby does it for us.
DJ Durilliam Support 7 Lovin the vibes!
Dmitry/Detach Support 9 Like this stuff. EG is big!
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support 9 A really nice mix of tunes here, great work
B-Roll (FreebreaksBlog) Support 10 Always fire
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support 9 great one! full of ideas and positive vibes! keep that Gorilla working on those Electro ones! 😉
Jay Parker (Funkliners) Support 10 Been waiting for this one… was well worth the wait! Great stuff



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