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Producer, Remixer & DJ

For last 15 years Morlack was into different electronic music styles and played in almost every european country as well in Australia… Until 2009 when he heard NuFunk for the first time and decided to go back to his musical roots…Being collecting,listening and playing funk since the age of 8 he immediately felt like fish in the water and workflow was just magic…

…took some 1,5 year to polish his skillz and as result was bombastic release on Boogie Boutique end of march 2011 which was taking 1st place in breakbeat charts for releases , while an epich remix of Bob Marley “Lively Up Yourself” still holding 1st place in tracks charts of Juno since 1,5 months!!!! this unexpected success just prooved his feeling to be on right way and next evolution step is Ghetto Vaccination EP on BBPwhich is surely gonna blow many heads in ghettofunk scene… prepare yourself!!!