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BBP-090: Tom Showtime – The Butterzone EP (Digital)

BBP-090: Tom Showtime – The Butterzone EP (Digital)

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2016-05-05

Catalog number: BBP-120

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Tom Showtime
That’s Them Things
Tom Showtime
Dancefloor Seasoning
Tom Showtime
King Of Clubs
Tom Showtime
Tom Showtime

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is proud to present Tom Showtime with his brand new 4-track release, The Butter Zone EP – previously only available on 12” vinyl. As it has done so many times before BBP is bringing Ghetto Funk and Funky Breaks back to its roots by putting the funk in focus and letting the rest speak for itself. Never before has it been done as well as this with Tom Showtime getting on board and tailor-making this 4-track EP of banging feel good jams around our genres beloved 105 BPM, aka The Butter Zone.

Tom Showtime is no newbie to the field having dropped laid-back funk bombs on lables like Groove Penguin, Booty Fruit, Riddim Fruit, Tru-Funk as well as an artist EP on the Ghetto Funk label.

This time he really means business as he takes us on a deep dive into his crates of samples and treats us with some flawless ghetto boogie jams. The EP even comes with a scratchapella cut – so DJs its time to gut business behind the wheels of steel…

A1.  Super Natural Flow.  Getting in from Ghetto funky funk town to entertain you first up is ‘Super Natural Flow’ and as some of the vocals tell you, it’s somewhat of an anthem for ghetto funk lovers, encapsulating all our favourite flavours. Funk bass and guitar ringing out in the frontal lobe awakening the weekend early, so that you dont need to wait ‘til Friday to enjoy it. Too often these days you see music tagged with ‘Ghetto Funk’ with little or no funk at all attached to it. That isnt the case here, this has it all! Expect a head nodding funk style and to feel totally pimp!

A2. That’s Them Things. Who better to introduce a soft soulful groove than Lauren Hill. Starting with reverberating and delayed chords this immediately feels good at a sub-atomic level.
Showtime takes a beloved classic, samples it, adds some sick lyrics and goes on to make it his own; something that is tried and tested on an hourly basis around the world by bedroom and professional producers alike and not always pulled off, and rarely as well as this. It still has a hint of funk and ghetto about it and is sure to please lovers of the old and new soul ghetto stylings. The track has finished and I can still hear the bass and chords ringing out and I have all but forgotten how the original sounded. Expect to lean back in the sun, shades on and music up.

B1. Dancefloor Seasoning. Heading straight back to the projects with Mystikal, Showtime wakes us back up with some sweet organs; I’m talking Rhodes style but this has plenty of the other kind with Salt ‘n’ Pepa adding some heart with their unmistakable delivery. This exudes a 90s feel from the start and with the S’n’P in full effect the bassline totally compliments the groove. Expect nothing less from Showtime, making tunes his own since pimpin been pimpin!

B2. King of Clubs.  Bustin’ out from Ragga town is ‘King of Clubs’ and Showtime could easily start a genre his own with this beaut. Offbeat reggae chords let you know where this is heading and make no bones about it; this is fit for all Rude Boys, Nattys and Raggamuffins alike. Showtime be mashin up the place, ya get meh? Another example of how to make a tune your own and do it well. Expect to feel Irie and learn a little patois along the way. Boyaa!

B3. Showtime scratch acapella.
It does exactly what it says on the tin. The Showtime scratch acapella includes various movie samples and phrases saying ‘It’s Showtime’, along with some other classics every turntablist will know and love.