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BBP-146: Pecoe – Full Tilt EP

BBP-146: Pecoe – Full Tilt EP

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2017-12-08

Catalog number: BBP-146

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Full Tilt
Full Tilt
Dance With Me
Soul Power Gee
My Funky Sensation

It’s time to take it back to the roots and the sound that Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is known and loved for. There is no better to represent the funky party-rocking vibes of the breaks scene than australian mash-up mastermind Pecoe, who has been called upon to drop a 4-track EP to provide you the party vibes for the holiday season.

Pecoe is all about the tried and tested masterial which is why he is the go-to person for the freshest rerubs and mashup jams out there. Take a stroll over to his soundcloud and you’ll be entertained for hours and you’ll get all the party ammo you need to rock just about any party.

After his appearance on the Big Fat Mama Beats Vol. 2 we all wanted more of those tight Pecoe breaks so here’s 4 golden cuts of some classic soul and disco joints beefed up by the Pecoe soundsystem.

Kicking off with the undeniably funky Full Tilt title track, which takes one of the funkiest jams ever recorded and adds a gentle break, which is all it takes to bring it into the new millennium. Pecoe follows up with some groovy disco vibes on the Dance With Me before returning things back to some classic funk on the Soul Power Gee cut. More funk a sweet soul is in store on the final cut of the EP, which gives justice to the classic jam My Funky Sensation.

Slam on any of these 4 cuts and you are sure to get the party started. A great way to end another spectacular year for BBP. Stay tuned for bigger, badder even funkier beats and breaks in 2018…

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Support / Score Comment
Dj One (Aliens In Denmark) Support (9/10) Consistent quality funky breaks!!!
Psychotropic Frequencies Support (8/10) Great stuff Pecoe, suitably funky, will be dropping some of these hard around the Christmas period, good work!
Johnny Beats Support (10/10) This cat is always on top.. HUGE RELEASE…
Mr Bristow Support (9/10) Funk as Fook! Nice work
simiansounds@googlemail.com Support (7/10) Good work Pecoe, liking the disco vibes of Dance With Me
BMD Support (8/10) Nicely reworked very well known tunes.
Beatslappaz Support (10/10) LOVE this package!
Breaks Ida Support (6/10) Nice one.
Shaka Loves You Support (7/10) Nice package. ‘Dance with me’ is the one for us!
Sid (Lifesupport Machine) Support (10/10) Pecoe is on fire right now! 4 full fat bangers that you need in your life.
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support (10/10) so happy, so funky, so reliable!! full support!!
Captain Flatcap Support (7/10) Nice edits, cheers
DJ Cockney Nutjob Support (9/10) 4 quality cuts packed full of funky goodness!
Funkliners Support (9/10) This is seriously cool!
Cheeky DJ (BRAP FM) Support (10/10) a very funky ep for sure. some great racks on this album hard to chose the best!
Stickybuds No support (6/10) Dance with me and Soul Power are pretty cool. Keep on your journey and working on making better tunes. Biggups Pecoe.
Fabsie Funk Support (9/10) Now this is what I love to see! Beats with serious funky bass!
quincyjointz@hotmail.com Support (9/10) dope EP by Pecoe. Only winners. Dig it much.
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support (10/10) Pure Funky Freshness
Buba King Support (7/10) Another Breakthru for Pecoechoon!!!
D-Funk Support (7/10) Some cool re-works here.
Roxright Support (9/10) Solid release all round! Tight production with a timeless sound and so much funk! Bigups BBP & Pecoe!