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Hacc Transfer Agreements

Your transfer institution may not accept the transfer credits paid by HACC. HACC`s transfer credit decisions do not reflect another institution`s decision. The drop-down menu below provides you with the transfer information and class control sheets that HACC has put in place with our transfer partners: Transfer students should be aware that the transfer of GenEd-to-GenEd and core-to-core only concerns the requirements of general university training. All requirements for Temples schools and colleges and key curricula remain in effect. There are a few majors, like a. B a music major, which require you to retransmetti earlier. This allows you to have the full range, allowing you to complete your degree efficiently. HACC and Temple agree that the transfer programs listed below will replace all HACC diplomas eligible for transfer in the 2017 addendum. As a result, Students who enroll for the first time in Temple for or after the fall 2019 semester after graduating from A.A. or A.S.

in one of the following programs at HACC (following the 2018 update to their general education program) are eligible for the GenEd to GenEd: Near-by Private Colleges Central Pennsylvania program with many small private colleges that welcome Edboroin students. Some of the local schools with which we have agreements are: transfer information includes transfer check-reports, full transfer laptops, course studies, transfer agreements, college directories and catalogues. Your HACC courses must meet the requirements of your transfer institution. To plan a successful transfer, you should: Many HACC students are considering transferring university credits to a four-year university or university. Hacc-quality programs are transferred to more than 60 four-year-old schools. In many cases, HACC graduates receive additional benefits, such as scholarships, from the four-year school when they are transferred! Yes, yes. Here are some top resources for you to use to help with your transfer search. You must send official transcripts if you request a transfer. These transcripts must contain all the school courses you have already attended. Penn State Harrisburg has articulation agreements with the following schools and offers transfer guides for each of our university programs: the clinical year of the medical technology program is conducted in a hospital-based program. SU has a 3-1 joint, in which students complete at least 90 SU-specific training credits and then complete at least 30 credits in the clinical year.

The credits are returned to SU so that the student can earn his BS in medical technology. Joint agreements define how credits are transferred to HACC or another institution. To successfully transfer credits, you need to carefully select and plan your HACC courses. For the most efficient transfer, choose your transfer school before selecting courses. Others prefer a transfer as soon as they can be accepted by another institution. They can be transferred at any time; However, consider completing your HACC degree first. Transfer with an associate degree offers an advance on a 4-year institution and gives you more chances to succeed in the search for a bachelor`s degree. Keep in mind that before the transfer, you must apply for a 4-year goal and be accepted to the 4-year goal. Are transfer credits accepted by HACC accepted by another institution? HACC transfer contracts have worked with many institutions to establish practical joints and alternating admission agreements to ensure the success of student transfers.

We have agreements with many universities and universities that help determine which HACC credits match their majors and programs, and to facilitate a rapid and efficient transfer.

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