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Western Power Eba Agreement

17 superannuation contributions are made to a worker`s choice fund. If an employee does not choose funds, their contributions are made to The Western Power Default Fund (currently Australian Super). 21. Remuneration Flexibles Packaging Western Power and a member of staff may enter into a flexible compensation package agreement in accordance with the “Western Power” directive established on time and subject to the requirements of the ATO and applicable legislation. Any packaging agreement is subject to the restrictions imposed by the ATO. 22. Leave 22.1 Annual leave Workers, with the exception of casual workers, gradually become up to 150 hours of paid annual leave per year over the course of the year, in proportion to part-time workers. An employee may request to take annual leave at a comfortable time for him or her. When approving annual leave, Western Power takes into account the operational requirements of the workplace and does not inappropriately deny annual leave authorization or withdraw an authorization. In order to allow workers to use the annual leave in a manner that best corresponds to their individual circumstances, a worker may make a written application, subject to the agreement reached with his formal director: (i) (ii) (iii) iv), you take before the annual leave. Take annual leave in shorter periods, including day days. Buy an additional amount of up to 150 hours per year.

Formal managers will not unduly reject leave requests. When an application for additional leave is granted, the employee`s salary is prorated to reflect the number of days acquired under compensation plans. This additional leave must be taken into account within 12 months of the purchase or the fee expires, in which case Western Power pays the employee the amount of the additional unreased leave. Employees at the time of the election with 8 weeks or more of accumulated annual leave are not entitled to additional leave. paid leave instead of paid annual leave per year, if the right to paid annual leave is paid for 4 weeks or more in accordance with the requirements of the Fair Work Act (e) to a permanent worker of 7 days (according to point 12.4), he is entitled to one week of additional leave (37.5 hours) for each full year of continuous work or the entitlement of each month performed pro-rata. continuous work. Annual leave is paid at the worker`s rate of pay that they would normally have received for the worker`s usual working time if the worker had not been placed on leave during the reporting period. Page 17 18 (f) (g) (h) (i) (i) (i) (j) (k) (l) An employee`s annual leave is paid in the event of dismissal. In the event of the employee`s death, this would be paid to the employee`s estate. No annual leave is created for unpaid leave or unauthorized absence. Workers who do not work and receive weekly allowances receive annual leave only for the first six months of absence.

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