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Camels On Duty

Camels On Duty


Producer and remixer

Bringing back the oldskool vibes to the funky breaks scene…

After a few years of joking around, Dutchmen Elmo and Bart decided to collaborate on a project. After just one afternoon they had a potential hit ready to go. From there on, things slowed down. Elmo went to study with the acclaimed SAE institute in Amsterdam and Bart went on a European and World tour for his job as a sound engineer and moved to the UK in the process. In 2009, 3 years after forming the Camels On Duty outfit, Elmo and Bart picked up their collaboration where they left off. Unfinished tunes were revisited and reconstructed to fit their current musical preferences. The ‘Food Run EP’ (Debute EP out on BBP Recordings) is a result of the renewed collaboration and is only the top of the iceberg as the duo is now working on their first full length album along with several guest artists.