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Nasa Funk

Nasa Funk


NASA funk was formed in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1999. As the true funk pioneers, they were one of the very first bands to introduce authentic raw funk to the greek audience. Their first LP release, hippofunkochoerus, was the first and only example of greek spoken funk, as well the first ever funk/hiphop collaboration in the greek music scene.

Containg a big hit, Martyrio (Torment), Hippofunkochoerus was the medium for the band to receive recognition of the audience outside of their hometown, and start giving performances all over Greece. Following some lineup changes, their second release, Oti kai na thes (Whatever you want), broadened their fanbase even more. Their second full length, Antikimenika (subjectively) featured performances of well known Greek vocalists and was the first time the band used talkbox, something that would stick with it ever since.

This was the last release of the band with greek lyrics. After a few more lineup changes, the band reached the last composition, the one that exists up to this day. Their next release was Stand up, the first track in English along with a music video, included in the Breakbeat Paradise’s collection, “Funk originals“. Nasa Funk has performed alongside Quantic (UK), Kokolo (USA),The Herbalizer (UK), Samatha Fox (UK), Alborosie (IT), MiloZ (USA).

Members: Alexandros Spanidis: drums / Kostas Chasiotis: bass / Alexandros Papoulidis: guitar / Charis Kapetanakis: saxophone, keys / Georges perin: vocals, talkbox


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Nationality: Greece