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Sound Destructive

Sound Destructive


Producer – Winner of Drum n Bass in the Breakbeat Contest 2006

UK drum n bass team – The Drum n Bass they made travelled around their home planet at high speed!

Sounds Destructive is a collaboration of 2 producers who came from middle sized town on Earth called Towcesters. The eldest of the 2, Shaun Brockhurst (also known Picto) has been producing DnB, breaks and other absolute rippers for many times. ‘Zackus Kempus’ (or Syndrome) was once forced to remove his shoes to make him allowed on the trampoline. He also made musics long time.

This particular “music” is experienced by most through varying waves of pressure travelling through the air and causing the membrane inside their ears to vibrate at specific velocities, dictated by the creators. This process can cause happiness, sadness or premature ejaculation. Most listeners of Sounds Destructive have noted a pleasant feeling which causes their muscles to gyrate uncontrollably.

“Many moons passed before the weary producers created such a heavy tune as to rumble the very foundations of nature itself. Then suddenly, they had done it.” – Sir Cliff Richard

The Drum n Bass they made travelled around their home planet at high speed. Once upon a time somebody heard it and enjoyed themselves. From this day forward they were not worshipped as Gods, but amateur underground producers.