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BBP-155: Funkin’ Basstards: Return To The Originals

1.Fever to Flava Feat. Mustafa Akbar
This funk laden piece featuring Mustafa Akbar is just whats needed to get that party started. Sweet smooth synths compliment the rolling bassline and catchy lyrics to a tee, all coming together for a funk masterpiece.

2. Swing it or Leave it Feat. Everyman
Time to give that funk a touch of the swing That infamous sax sample is coupled with the lyrical flow of Everyman to bring a breakers dream of a track. With a slight Indian touch of a sound of a citar, this track constantly evolves through the funkiest of sounds.

3. Delight Smokers Feat. Everyman
Everyman is on it again, this time alongside a truly funky bass guitar, and an organ to bring you back to the real grooves of the 70s.

4. Return of the Originals Feat. BNC
For the title track, The Funkin Basstards join forces with the vocal delights of BNMC to provide a shout out to the original sounds of the 90s hip hop scene. Well produced, and composed, this will definitely send you back to the originals.

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