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BBP-195: Funkin’ Basstards – Toxic Funk Vol. 6 (7” Vinyl)

Breakbeat Paradise Recording is back with another
crispy edition of the Toxic Funk 7-inch donut series. This
time inviting the Funkin’ Basstards producer duo to do their magic and bring some Toxic Funk vibes with 2 authentic funk joints regooved to perfection by 2 of scene’s best beat smiths.
The Toxic Funk series is tabbing into a craze of recycled old funk and soul and do edits that stays true to the vibes of the 60s and 70s but still has enough punch to put into a modern day funky DJ set. Funkin Basstards has followed that recipe to perfection on both jams on this single.
Starting off with the contagious A-Side track called Fire – which showcases a classic soul party vibe track mixed with some Funkin Basstards breakbeats to keep it toxic. Followed up with the equally party rockin’ soul joint Reasons which takes us back to the 60s soul era with some sweet soul sister vocals and a good doze of Funkin Basstards beats and breaks to go with it.
With 2 EP release and a remix EP under their belt on BBP we felt it was about time to get these boys on a vinyl – and boy are we glad we did!
Once again Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is on point to deliver you the funkiest soul and breaks available anywhere out there…

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BBP-191: Various Artists – Disco Paradise Vol.2

After the successful first volume of Disco Paradise, we at Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, thought it was about time to release some more of those happy vibes to try and lift us through these trying times.
Kicking of the album, is a legend of the disco/house scene, combining forces with a master of the funky breaks. Jet Boot Jack and Gramophone Soul have teamed up to give you a pumping dancefloor filler, filled with happy claps and pianos to make you smile. That’s followed by a stomping track from the get go from Leygo, with his secret head nodding recipe to keep you going. Next up is the funk-fueled, vocal stabby number by Venture & Capital, laced with an array of instruments bringing that old live style. Joy Legend comes in next with his downtempo vibe, reminiscing back to the days of Studio 54.
Keeping it on the smooth tip, Jayl Funk enters with his typical funked up style, and continuing in and around the same tempo, we have a debut artist on the label, by the name of Luke the Knife. Horns a plenty and a rolling bassline is the game of this one. Label bossman BadboE brings his world reknowned super funky breaks, hip hop vocals, and big beats, for all you staunch BBP fans. Moving onto the next, Stabfinger is a name synonymous with top quality production. This time he joins forces with Funny Ox, to supply a bass filled, synth laden beauty, that definitely gets the funky seal of approval. Label stablemates,
The Funkin Basstards have come with a rolling, grooving remix of Belle Epoque, while Pecoe slides in after with his well-known style of clean beats, cool guitars and subtle nuances throughout. Morlack, has been member of the BBP family for a long while, and definitely knocks it out the park with this one. It’s got a bass heavy groove, punchy beats, and a sweet vocal to compliment. With a recent release on BBP, Boydex joins the disco club, combining forces with vocalist Alizé for a hip swaying, chest pumping disco house number, before the connoisseur of production, Don Dayglow, comes with a downtempo, electro-disco track smothered on those 80’s synth sounds and vocal floating above to take to that disco dreamworld. Finally, we have another new guy to the BBP family…
Skank Honto with a gritty disco breaks track, filled with plucky leads, and a catchy bassline to match.
All-in-all Disco Paradise Vol.2 is filled a variety of disco styles, for all you lovers of the disco dancefloor.

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BP-181: Funkin’ Basstards – Drop The Mirrorball Remixed EP

After releasing the second EP by the Funkin Basstards we though it would be appropriate to follow up with a remix EP of the 4 originals jams from the Drop The Mirrorball EP.

To do that in style we hooked up with some of the best producers in the scene to all put their personal twist on these catchy disco bangers.

Starting this off with the label head honcho BadboE who comes heavily armed with the nu skool breaks and some silky smooth disco grooves for the Feel The Vibe track. A classic BadboE treatment with multiple sections of grooves to bring out the very best of the sweet vocals by Sofia Kamina.

To follow this up we’ve turned to the true veteran from the funky breaks scene that can do no wrong when it comes to remixing. Jayl Funk is at it again with some well-arranged nu disco flavors to skillfully transform the lead track 2000 feat. Sofia Kamina into a smashing Jayl Funk anthem.

If you want the unspoiled breakbeat funk there is only one remixer to call for: Pecoe. He done a number on the originally mellow Drop The Mirrorball and turned it into a dancefloor breakbeat banger!

Last but not lease we wanted to turn up the heat a bit and invited the Sons of Satin to do some uptempo hardcore breaks remix of the Soul Disco jam.

That concludes another epic treatment of some classic original funky disco jams from the Breakbeat Paradise Recordings camp.

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BBP171: VA – Swing That Funk Vol. 3

It’s that time to get your swinging jazz pants on, and get down to Swing That Funk Vol.3.

In keeping with tradition, have we got 7 tracks all with that swing/jazz influence. With a range of genres including Breaks, Electro House, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop and Funk, this release gives you all a taste of how sing and jazz can be used by all.

Kicking off this sweet EP, is Mr. Ours with what can only be described as an absolute banger. It’s got that head nod feel, that will blow your socks off with the first drop, and keep you jumping from start to finish. It’s a difficult one to follow, but Swim INC brings it big with his funky glitch number, with a bit of a jazzy country feel, to make sure that dancefloor keeps filled. Changing up the styles, Basschimp has delivered a real Hip Hop number, surrounded with a vintage sound, keeping you captivated by the lyrical flows of Enel, and the soulful voice of Pandicat. If you want your music with jazz and rock’n’roll, then Fredy High is the man. Horns and saxes fill this track up, with some sweet vocals flowing over.

Changing the tempo up again, it’s time for Skank Spinatra to get your feet moving again. This couldn’t be any more swing if you tried. A real bass heavy swing house number, with jazzy stabs, and an awesome bassline to boot.  Getting back on the glitch tip, we have new and upcoming artists Bright Idea and Funkinright teaming up to provide a super funky Jazz glitch bumber. With smooth synths, a funky guitar and big bad bass, these guys have done a top job. Finishing the release off os label stablemates Funkin’ Basstards who come with what can only be described as pure Swing Hop. Boom Bap, smooth bass and jazz all over, this is the perfect track to round off Swing That Funk Vol. 3.

Feedback from the scene:

Fizzy Gillespie Support 7 Good EP overall, Skank Spinatra’s track is the definite stand out for me. Great tune – bouncy, fun, good sample! Straight in the set list
Psychotropic Frequencies Support 10 Some great moments in this package…… good work all round
Clan Dextine Support 10 Whoaaa – what a box of bangers These will be played out LOUD!!!
Katch Support 7 great party rockers here
DJ Cockney Nutjob Support 9 Another super set of swing bangers!
C@ in the H@ Support 8 some tasty beats on there, original sound and true feeling will be getting some spin times in them cocktail gigs for sure.
Deep South Audio Support 8 Some serious skank on this thanks folks .. will get the florr wobbly !
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support 10 Pure Gold. Nicely done
D-Funk Support 8 I’m really not a fan of electro-swing in general but gotta say the first 2 tunes on this release are straight fire!!!!
Doctor Hooka Support 6 A fantastic selection of dancefloor killers right here!
Pecoe Support 8 BBP put out releases like they are going out of fashion, back again with another fresh release.
Johnny Pluse Support 10 deadly love these
DJ Stach Support 9 Love a bit of swing. Wicked LP full of great tunes
Liberty Chaps Support 9 Some absolute crackers on this release , big up’s to all involved.
Ill Turner Support 10 Superdope! Definitie some of them I will ad to my sets. Yeah!
BMD Support 8 Cool pack! My personal favourites are Funkin Basstards and Swim INC.
Donald Bump Support 5 Bright Idea x FunkinRight – Roads sounds great !
Roxright Support 9 What a funkin’ solid release! So much chunk and even more funk! Bigups BBP!
Mined & Forrest Support 8 Great release! Mr.Ours track is killer!
Buba King Support 8 Swinging SpacePunk!!! Tip of the hat to Fredy High & Basschimp 😉
Johnny Beats Support 10 oh yes the feeling is True…. load these bullets in the party arsenal without a doubt…. This one is going down in the best of 19 books without a doubt… 15/10 Across the board
info@rocarecords.de Support 6 Like the Swim INC tune, but all over it sounds a bit to much like the 2010 Ghettofunk style.
Fat Harry Support 9 Bonza
Apostolos Argy Support 7 lovely compilation
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support 10 helll yeah, more like these!!
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Support 10 Absolute smasher 10 out of 10 all tuens rock
DJ Justin Johnson Support 7 nice mixe bag of tunes, will definitely give these spins!
Captain Flatcap Support 7 Sick! Tidy release.


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BBP-155: Funkin’ Basstards: Return To The Originals

1.Fever to Flava Feat. Mustafa Akbar
This funk laden piece featuring Mustafa Akbar is just whats needed to get that party started. Sweet smooth synths compliment the rolling bassline and catchy lyrics to a tee, all coming together for a funk masterpiece.

2. Swing it or Leave it Feat. Everyman
Time to give that funk a touch of the swing That infamous sax sample is coupled with the lyrical flow of Everyman to bring a breakers dream of a track. With a slight Indian touch of a sound of a citar, this track constantly evolves through the funkiest of sounds.

3. Delight Smokers Feat. Everyman
Everyman is on it again, this time alongside a truly funky bass guitar, and an organ to bring you back to the real grooves of the 70s.

4. Return of the Originals Feat. BNC
For the title track, The Funkin Basstards join forces with the vocal delights of BNMC to provide a shout out to the original sounds of the 90s hip hop scene. Well produced, and composed, this will definitely send you back to the originals.

More info on Funkin’ Basstards:

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