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BBP-191: Various Artists – Disco Paradise Vol.2

After the successful first volume of Disco Paradise, we at Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, thought it was about time to release some more of those happy vibes to try and lift us through these trying times.
Kicking of the album, is a legend of the disco/house scene, combining forces with a master of the funky breaks. Jet Boot Jack and Gramophone Soul have teamed up to give you a pumping dancefloor filler, filled with happy claps and pianos to make you smile. That’s followed by a stomping track from the get go from Leygo, with his secret head nodding recipe to keep you going. Next up is the funk-fueled, vocal stabby number by Venture & Capital, laced with an array of instruments bringing that old live style. Joy Legend comes in next with his downtempo vibe, reminiscing back to the days of Studio 54.
Keeping it on the smooth tip, Jayl Funk enters with his typical funked up style, and continuing in and around the same tempo, we have a debut artist on the label, by the name of Luke the Knife. Horns a plenty and a rolling bassline is the game of this one. Label bossman BadboE brings his world reknowned super funky breaks, hip hop vocals, and big beats, for all you staunch BBP fans. Moving onto the next, Stabfinger is a name synonymous with top quality production. This time he joins forces with Funny Ox, to supply a bass filled, synth laden beauty, that definitely gets the funky seal of approval. Label stablemates,
The Funkin Basstards have come with a rolling, grooving remix of Belle Epoque, while Pecoe slides in after with his well-known style of clean beats, cool guitars and subtle nuances throughout. Morlack, has been member of the BBP family for a long while, and definitely knocks it out the park with this one. It’s got a bass heavy groove, punchy beats, and a sweet vocal to compliment. With a recent release on BBP, Boydex joins the disco club, combining forces with vocalist Alizé for a hip swaying, chest pumping disco house number, before the connoisseur of production, Don Dayglow, comes with a downtempo, electro-disco track smothered on those 80’s synth sounds and vocal floating above to take to that disco dreamworld. Finally, we have another new guy to the BBP family…
Skank Honto with a gritty disco breaks track, filled with plucky leads, and a catchy bassline to match.
All-in-all Disco Paradise Vol.2 is filled a variety of disco styles, for all you lovers of the disco dancefloor.

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BBP-096: Pulpfusion – Funk Never Sleeps EP

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is pleased to finally welcome to the label a true veteran in the funky breaks scene: Mr PulpFusion with the huge 12” vinyl release Funk Never Sleeps – now available on digital. Straight out of Switzerland, PulpFusion has been producing funky jams since the early days of nu funk, and this time around he has brought a true dream team of remixers for this enormous 7-track EP. On the flip side he has teamed up with another skilled funk producer Morris Chestnuts from Bristol as well as Producer and Rapper Imagine This from New Zealand to help complete this funk fest of a release.

PulpFusion has countless albums and EPs under his belt and done remixes for Ed Royal and Mr Bird & Tal M Klein as well as running the successful label Big Balls Records. He has a unique sound that has strong roots in electric psychedelic funk mixed with beats and breaks.

The remix duties are in good hand with all experts within their fields starting with DJ Maars from down under, who is true master in skanky reggae mash-ups –  Mr. Rory Hoy who is skillfully keeping alive the sounds of the big beat era and finally a true BBP all-star Jayl Funk who specializes in anything funky for the dancefloor.

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is proud to start off another year with another extremely funky release to keep pushin’ the sounds of funky beats and breaks even further.

A. PulpFusion kicks off the EP with his straight up funky original of The Beat Inside My Soul. Some easy going breakbeats and some groovy basslines is all it takes for PulpFusion to create a in instant nu funk classic. All brought to the next level with a beautiful hook on the female vocals on this track.

B. If you didn’t know DJ Maars you would be surprised about this guy being able to create a skanky reggae jam out of just about any tune. His remix of The Beat Inside My Soul is a perfect example of him doing just that, by taking the essence of the vocals of the original transferring it all the way to Jamaica for some reggae grooves. All perfectly mashed up with some hip hop rhymes to go with it.

C. To end off the A side we got Rory Hoy giving The Beat Inside My Soul his signature big beat treatment. Toughening up the arrangement and adding some booming bass lines, allows Rory Hoy to turn the sweet vocals of the original into a true big beat anthem.

D. The Funk surely does not sleep as it continues on a get even funkier on the flip side. Funk Never Sleeps sees raw funk flavors from the magic team PulpFusion & Morris Chestnut & the legendary sax player Lorenzo Medici as they cook up a funky joint that will get just about any party started.

E. Everybody’s favorite nu funk producers Jayl Funk is on the spot to turn Funk Never Sleeps into his own as he slams on some latin style funky beats and rearrange the element of the original to perfection. Funk headz can go straight for this one.

F. The funk fest goes on – on the third cut on the b side, which sees PulpFusion teaming up with producer and vocalist Imagine This on their Beat The Clock. The electrified backing track of this jam matches perfectly with the progressive vocals by Imagine This.

G. Finally last but certainly not least we got PulpFusion and Morris Chestnut back together for the final jam on the record: Feelin’ The Blues. The funk is mashed up sweetly with the classic Johnny Cash country song as if they would have always belonged together. At the end of this jam you will all agree with us that FUNK NEVER SLEEPS

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BBP-115: Jayl Funk feat Tarzan Bros – Shake It

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is thrilled to welcome home one of pioneer producers who helped shape the label since the very beginning. German-based nu funk producer Jayl Funk has team up with funk trio/live act from the UK called Tarzan Bros and together they have created a true funk anthem with original vocals and grooves that sounds like it was done back in the glory days of soul and funk. And the goodness doesn’t stop here, because on the remix duties we have some of the very best funk producers from around the world to do their take on these original samples. All the way from the US we got the legendary soldiers of nu funk: All Good Funk Alliance, and from the UK a specialist in breaks and funk Mr. Skeewiff. Finally Yamaha (The Strike Boys, Wall of Sound) and Eletrico (Trio Eletrico, Stereo Deluxe Records) delivers the final remix for this EP.
Most of the people involved on this EP need no introduction as they are already well-established names in the scene but we are very excited to be introducing the Tarzan Bros crew, who originates from Greece but now lives in the UK and delivers original vocals, funky guitar riffs as well as Sax on these tunes.
There is not denying the funky grooves on this record that seamlessly joins in live jazzy saxophones with beats and breaks from the nu funk master Jayl Funk.

Jayl Funk has gone and done it again and cooked up another wonderful funk tune that we are very happy to be releasing as it takes us back to how it all got started here on BBP with his first release dating back to 2008.

  1. We’re kicking off the EP with a steady rocking beat that builds up nicely with a funky groove before dropping the catchy vocals that will last throughout the track. It takes no more than a few seconds to know that we are dealing with a producer who knows how to arrange music in such a way it gets your full attention all the way through the track. It’s all funk – it’s all original – it’s all Jayl Funk.
  2. On the second cut on the EP – All Good Funk Alliance puts us in school for a real electro boogie re-wamp of the Skake It tune. Frank and Rusty really manages to take out the essence of the original samples and make it their own by infusing their electro boogie around the vocals of the original tune. Electro funk at its finest. This is the second remix from AGFA on BBP since the first BadboE album Break The Funk from 2008.
  3. When Skeewiff is onboard you know its gonna be good – and this remix is no exception. Staying through to the feel of the original tune Skeewiff has slammed on a harder breakbeat and given more focus to the saxophone. This remix is an excellent alternative to the original and it will leave it very hard for anyone to stand still while this is playing.
  4. Finally Yamaha.Eletrico electrifies things as they introduce some harder synth basses build around the arrangement of the original tune. Well-put together remix that will make it fit into the more electric mixes our there.

At BBP we are very please to finally release another Jayl Funk EP and once again represent our funk roots and party fucking jams for early warm-up sets as well as peak-time bangers… We are here to keep the funk alive…

“Us Tarzan Bros! You Jayl Funk!” Time to Shake Itin a funky disco stylee as a certain German party breaks producer returns for the second time this month by getting cosy with a UK-based funky trio and an original track characterised by well-defined drums, insistent bass and rippling wah-guitar which curl themselves around pert vocals”
/Monkey Boxing
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Feedback from the scene:

Dj Wash
Jayl’s track is dope. And the rest of the release is really good too.
Support (10/10)
Doctor Hooka
This is damn funky, and anything with a Skeewiff & AGFA remix is already a winner, fantastic release
Support (10/10)
Trio Eletrico
Love the original…and of course my remix too 🙂 it`s dope!
Support (10/10)
Buba King
Shake It like a Tropicana 😉
Support (6/10)
JD Michaels (Broken Racket – NBS Radio)
Great release, solid remixes – digging the Skeewiff mix. Will drop it on Broken Racket on NSB Radio tonight!
Support (8/10)
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides
Diggin’ this EP, it’s definitely a groover.
Support (9/10)
Cool Hand Luke
Support (5/10)
CMC Silenta
big release!
Support (8/10)
Quincy Jointz
Really good EP. Dig the original and the Skeewiff remix.
Support (9/10)
Ferenc Zenit Badics
This release is outstanding, brings the soul back! I love it!
Support (10/10)
Love it!!!
Support (9/10)
Michel, Jalapeno Records
Shake it indeed! Original and Skeewiff mixes for me. Funky as nuff said.
Support (8/10)
Rory Hoy
Incredible Release – Definitely gets my support! Rory Hoy
Support (10/10)
Very tasty funky stuff, all versions are good, but AGFA Remix is DOPE ! Well done guys I’m totally into this release.
Support (8/10)
Radical Mixtape
Fresh!!!! 🙂
Support (9/10)
Fingrs (Radiogora.ru)
Love Jayl Funk! Pretty nice Original and Skeewef mixes! Really surprised of AGFA remix
Support (8/10)
DJ Cockney Nutjob
4 lovely Funky fresh tracks!
Support (8/10)
Awesome work mate – great remixes too
Support (10/10)
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat)
as the sample goes in the track “goddamn” WHAT A TRACK THIS IS!! will be played in 10 years at least!!
Support (10/10)
Breaks Ida
Nice one. I will play it.
Support (6/10)
Jayl Funk
Thanks To Skeewiff, AGFA and Yamaha.Eletrico!
Support (10/10)
X-Ray Ted
Great funky package! Definite dancefloor material.
Support (8/10)
Mr Bristow
Nice party vibes on this release – like all the versions- great work!
Support (8/10)
Psychotropic Frequencies
Fantastic release!
Support (10/10)

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