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BBP-194: Mined & Forrest – Mined & Forrest Remixed

Its time to get busy on some serious classic BBP dancefloor bangers from the Mined & Forrest crew – and put a twist on them with an epic remix package.
We’ve invited some of the very best producers in the Electronic Funk scene to remix 5 of the biggest Mined & Forrest tunes from their 4 BBP EPs as well as a brand new VIP Mix of the Coming Though track to go with it.
Starting off, Lack Jemmon is bringing out the big guns to really smash up the Funk Toxic jam with their signature fat bass electro treatment. Followed up by label boss man BadboE taking the smooth Gimme The Best joint and wrapping some groovy boogie vibes and some jazzy elements to the equation.
Beat Le Juice takes on the Rock It banger from Mined & Forrest latest EP and transforms it into a catchy disco bass house jam. BBP’s very own B-Side has returned to put some additional heat and funk into the epic There It Is jam.
Wrapping up the EP with Mr Bristow’s creative Drum’n’ Bass remix of the mellow Fire Back tune before ending things with Mined & Forrest remixing their own Coming Though jam into an even bassier VIP mix.
Breakbeat Paradise Recordings giving you the bass funk from all angles on this EP…

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BBP-186: Mined & Forrest – Cool Operator EP

Mined & Forrest is back with the 2nd EP drop this year and the 4th EP on BBP called Cool Operator. The funky production duo has been keeping busy through the pandemic and really perfected the sounds and grooves on these 4 epic new glitchy funk bangers.
As you hear the very first groove of the Cool Operator title track you know that this EP is gonna be funky. Smooth electric glitchy funk with all the little chopped up vocals that we have come to love Mined & Forrest for. Some live sax and guitar solos have been added to bring the vibes to the maximum on this catchy tune.
The boys kick it up a notch on the Rock It tune that features some catching rock n roll guitar hooks and some steady rolling ghetto funk beats. The vocal hooks and sample mixing keep it ultra-funky as this progressive tune rolls it way through the airwaves.
Mined & Forrest returns to the more soulful vibes on the third cut of the EP called NY Diesel, which features some smooth beats and big grooves.
Last but certainly not least they team up with vocalist Amanda Power who brings some mystique to the tunes and Mined & Forrest has just the trippy vibes to go with it. On the My Siren Song we hear two opera singers which fit perfectly with the trippy dub grooves on this track.
Another banger of an EP filled with funk from Mined & Forrest and BBP family

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BBP-172: Mined & Forrest – Fire Back EP

Mined & Forrest are back to kick off the new year with their 3rd EP on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, called: Fire Back! After two successful EPs the Mined & Forrest duo is back in super shape to deliver another epic EP of head nodding electronic funk bangers.

The Fire Back EP comes with four originals from Mined & Forrest and two big remixes from the awesome Mr. Oursand Crash Party crew.

Kicking things off with the rock steady The Big Mama track, that perfectly showcases the Mined & Forrest style of flawless glitchy productions mixed with a good doze of hiphop vocal chops to keep the dancefloors rocking.

On the second one the duo slows it down with the track called Acting Like You Know that rolls out a big atmospheric sound and some pitched vocals and heavy basslines.

Picking up the grooves again the Gimme The Best jam leads on with a undeniable funky beat and some wicked basslines along with the signature Mined & Forrest vocal chops.

The final original on the packing and title tune Fire Back is featuring iamLawn, who already appeared on their last EP “Coming Through”, gives us more catchy melodies and mellow vibes.

On remix duties we see French glitch hop producer Mr. Ours giving The Big Mama tune his signature treatment, while the British Crash Party duo is giving the Acting Like You Know a drum ‘n’ bass twist.

More info on Mined & Forrest here:


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BBP-159: Mined & Forrest – Coming Through

With now their second full release though Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, Mined & Forresthave delivered an awesome array of breaks and beat, as well as bringing in remixes from Funkanizer and Blockboy.

’Coming Through’is a low tempo funky roller, loaded with vocals stabs, guitar riffs, a flowing bassline, and even a nice violin section to boot…

The second track brings in some heaviness. ’Rock on’ gets the big boy treatment, with punchy beats and synths followed by a big wobble bass to bring it all together.

For the third track, Mined & Forrest join forces with LAWN, Stephanie Lottermoserand Eve Lamell,for a smoooooth, atmospheric, bass heavy lounger called ‘I Would Fall’. The hypnotic vocals take you on a journey of delight, progressing through sumptuous sounds, and a sax to die for, with it all culminating in a musical voyage of live and electronic instruments.

Now… Funkanizer… This guy has brought the funk with his fantastic remix of ’Funk Toxic’. Snappy snares, a deep rolling bassline, as some switch-ups all come together to get those feet moving.

The final track on the already funkin’ release, sees Blockboy put his touch to the sweet ‘I Would Fall’, and you can definitely here his hip-hop roots. Starting nicely, with a downtempo feel, this track finishes with big wobble bass, taking you by surprise, and wanting more.

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Rating Comment
DJ Stach 9 BBP yet again a quality release. Something for everyone here. 9 out of 10
Liberty Chaps 8 Funky vibes all round.
Breaks Ida 5 Downloading for Sérgio Gomes | BREAKS lda.
Clan Dextine 8 big box of cool party tools
Quincy Jointz 8 another dope EP by Mined & Forrest
info@rocarecords.de 6 “Coming through” is the one for me.
Qdup Foundation 8 Cool tunes!
Jayl Funk 10 I love it. I WOULD FALL is my favorite.
Dj Rehab 7 Really nice variety of nu funk on this one.
Johnny Pluse 10 great tunes …. very funky
Psychotropic Frequencies 7 cool release, loving that snoop doggy dog mash
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) 9 hell yeah, I was waiting for this one! it’s great to see the guys back in action!
Katch 8 some nice bangers here great package
Deep South Audio 8 Skanky sounds setting for a sweet ep thanks
Doctor Hooka 10 Huge bangers all round!
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides 9 Some sweet sounds indeed
Buba King 7 many styles have been unearthed here as the boys mine and forest the beats 😉
The Funkee Ward 8 Damn!!! What a funky ass release!!!!!
Chris Pop 10 nice one!
Mr Rich and the Caretaker 9 Love their sound. great release
SidWesley(LifeSupportMachine) 8 Great to hear this duo back in action and delivering the fire!
Captain Flatcap 7 Nice stuff guys
Fat Harry 9 Refreshing and different
B-Roll (FreebreaksBlog) 8 Awesome!
Mr Bristow 8 Nice selection!
Johnny Beats 9 Absolute Genius of album. Well put together. . Great job all around

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BBP-147: Lack Jemmon – The Remixes

The duo of Lack Jemmon was founded by Kid Panel and DJ Clairvo during the summer of 2013 in order to bring their musical vision alive – the marriage of tricky glitch-hop, heavy bass-music and happy funk. Their productions have been picked up immediately by the Best New Label of Breakspoll 2013, Scour Records offering the first deal to the guys.

By now, their tracks are being played all around the globe, enjoying the full support received by the majority of the scene of bass heavy funk music, which has lead their remix made for See-I and for The Empresarios on Fort Knox Recordings ending up at the 2nd place of Beatport‘s Glitch Hop Charts and remaining in the Top100 for months.

Nowadays, having released decent amount of free downloads on their Soundcloud, Lack Jemmon still keep on delivering charts-banger tracks. Their latest track they had nailed together with The Kurnel MC called Joan Jett, have been hitting the Breaks Charts of JunoDownload reaching No. 1 position as the part of Bring Back The Funk Vol. 4. compilation. Disappearing from the spot-light, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings decided last year to give Joan Jett a refreshment and the result ended up in a 6-tracker remix EP. Carefully selected producers from the board of the label have been invited to bring difference and versatility to the rock attitude of the original track. The remixers, hailing from the UK, Greece, Australia, Germany actually round up a real international EP that is being packed with heavy yet cathy dance-floor bangers.

In their DJ-sets, the Lack Jemmon dudes throw a unique blend of dynamic hip-hop, big-city funk and dirty breakbeats what they have been introducing to their local Budapest crowd at their club-nights aswell as to the dancefloors of Barcelona, London, Berlin or Bristol on regular basis so far..

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BBP-144: Mined & Forrest – There It Is EP

  1. Mined & Forrest – There It Is (Original Mix)
  2. Mined & Forrest – Funk Toxic
  3. Mined & Forrest feat. Joker – Drugs
  4. Mined & Forrest – There It Is (Jayl Funk Remix)

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is back to drop another debut EP from the German producer duo Mined & Forrest consisting of Forrest Funk & Mined from Obba Select. They are both well-established names on their own with a large group of followers – known for their edits, mashups and funky DJ sets.

Inspired by classic funk, modern bass design and hiphop sampling they teamed up to bring their musical ideas together. Spending lots of time in the studio turning knobs and hitting keys, they now have a bunch of funky tunes ready to hit the dancefloors out there.

The EP kicks off with the groovy and catching title tune There It Is, which perfectly showcases their take on the ghetto funk sound. A steady beat with some clever hip hop samples and a great deal of musicality including a big middle passage of beautiful atmospheric sounds.

On the next cut the duo takes us a little further back to the oldskool on the Funk Toxic banger. Toxic funky bass on a boom bap beat mixed with their chopped up hip hop vocal samples.

Things are about to get serious on the 3rd jam on the EP which features Joker on the bass heavy Drugs tune. Heavy beats and big basslines is in center on this bad boy jam.

The title tune There It Is is finally getting the upmost funky party treatment from BBP’s very own Jayl Funk on the last track on the EP. A steady block rocking beat and twist up on the vocals is all it takes for Jayl Funk to make this his very own as he brings this EP home.

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Comment
Dj One (Aliens In Denmark) Wicked debit biz from these guys!!
Psychotropic Frequencies Just how i like it, HipHop/Funk! cool release
Waggles Great funky beats!! will get played out for sure!
Johnny Beats There it is……
Breaks Ida Nice one… I will try.
Mike Swaine (Bass & Breaks) Like this.
Captain Flatcap Mmmmmmm! Funky!
DJ Cockney Nutjob Awesome EP but ‘There it is’ is the banger…and then Jayl Funk takes it to another level with the remix!
C@ in the H@ All round tastiness, great beats!
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Great stuff..what a debut!!
Jay Parker (Funkliners) Love it!
Fabsie Funk Great tunes! There it is is dance floor heat and the Jayl Funk Remix gives it that extra kick boom.
Quincy Jointz really great debut by this new artists.
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Tasty tunes
Buba King Heavy Fruits of the Forest!!
Jayclue, Qdup Foundation I like Funk Toxic a lot… Feeling the Jayl Funk Remix on There It Is.
Doctor Hooka Fantastic release


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