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BBP-145: VA – Swing That Funk Vol. 2

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is back with volume two of the popular Swing that Funk compilation from last year. This time bringing you some of the biggest names of the swing & bass scene!!

C@ in the H@ kicks the release off, with ”4-20”, a full on glitch monster of a track, starting with a bouncy swing riff, topped off with some 4-20 reminiscent vocal stabs, this track drops into a big bad bassy banger!

Catjam bring their every recognisable style of garage and swing with ”Roll the Drums”. This track does exactly what it says on the tin. Rolling drums, complimented by a head bopping swing piano, and some of that lovely deep dark bass.

Mista Trick explodes in with a track that blows the swinging socks off!! Starting with a catchy sample from Lee Dorsey, and building up to some proper swingy drum & bass. Jungle drums, and bass that send you back to you back to the days of the classic drum & bass era!!!

Duke Skellington, brings you the style he is becoming increasingly known for in “Hot jazz & Fire”.  Combining that classic swing piano, with that modern touch of breaks and glitch, Duke makes your feet do nothing but move!! With a bit of banjo, clarinet, nand allsorts of swingyness thrown in, this is a track for every crate.

French duo, Kiwistar & Red Oak come provide the release with the highest quality electro swing. This dancefloor stomper is laced with a tight beat, soft saxophones, and some proper fist pumping bass!!!

Last up is BBP stablemate Fredy High with his track “Sing Sing”. This is nothing but a real uplifting roller of a swingy drum & bass track. It’s composed like a true musician would, and keep yopu captivated until the very last beat!!

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Support / Score Comment
Dj One (Aliens In Denmark) Support (10/10) Swing & Bass at its best!!!
Psychotropic Frequencies Support (8/10) Some interesting stuff in this package.
Waggles Support (9/10) Great stuff guys! lot of players in here!!
Mr Bristow Support (8/10) Nice work!
BMD Support (7/10) Hot Jazz & Fire is definitely the hottest from the pack. I love the swing, though Duke loves the bass a bit too much for my taste.
Breaks Ida Support (6/10) Nice one.
Ambl Beats Support (10/10) sogood
AAA Badboy (owner of BoomTown) Support (7/10) killing it
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support (5/10) you can never get enough of swing!
Donald Bump Support (7/10) C@ in the H@ – 4-20 is a great tune .
Captain Flatcap Support (7/10) Heavy shit! And hefty line up on this release!
DJ Cockney Nutjob Support (10/10) Belter of an EP !
Radical Mixtape Support (10/10) Very nice!! Brilliant package, every artist has brought their own little twist to swing, love it!!! Hard to pick a favourite tho!!!
Cheeky DJ (BRAP FM) Support (7/10) not a big fan of electro swing but there are a couple of bangers on her (mista trick an example) where the swing meet big bass works for me.
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Support (9/10) absolutely killer release here.
Jay Parker (Funkliners) Support (10/10) loving this!
Fabsie Funk Support (7/10) Two step vibes of Catjam Roll the Drums is dope!
Quincy Jointz Support (7/10) don´t like all tunes. But “Get out of my life”, “Welcome” and “Hot Jazz & Fire” will work out fine on the floor.
Fab Samperi Support (7/10) Nice EP – Cat in The Hat’s is a banger!
Morongroover Support (8/10) A big fan of ‘Get out of my life’ All in all a powerful release that tackles a different side of Breaks
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support (9/10) Top class tunes as always
Buba King Support (10/10) It Don’t Mean Thing Without BBP Swing !!!!
Johnny Beats Support (10/10) Straight Bombshell of an EP.. Bangers across the shelf …….
CMC Silenta Support (7/10) nice swing interpretations.
Doctor Hooka Support (10/10) Absolutely loving these!!


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