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BBP-143: VA – Big Fat Mama Beats 2

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, is very excited to welcome back the compilation Big Fat Mama Beats 2, with a mind-blowing mixture of various artist. Including both well established and upcoming acts from around the scene, with many household names already to find and catch on future releases from BBPrecordings. 12 fresh pieces of Big Beat, Nu-Funk, Breaks and Electronic Boombap specials. This is a hot saucy melting pot of big breaks, beats and heavy nu-funk, that will undoubtedly set dancefloors on fire, across the planet. Big fat mama beats of today meets future funk of tomorrow, fuelled with the old school sounds of yesterday..

Big Fat Mama Beats 2 – VA – The Tracks:

BBP143 01: This time around Mr Rich and The Caretaker show us how to make a funky swinging, break and beat pumpin’ exciting club tune, all in one. A step outside their ordinary, usual nu-funk recepies, that will grab you instantly. It’s a funky, bassy, beat jacking tune, that makes you wanna jump. With last year’s one hit wonder My Feelings For You, the British dj duo from Cornwall, is back in shape on BBP. Mr Rich and The Caretaker is opening Big Fat Mama Beats 2, and currently is busy world touring and to find at the music festivals and great Summer gatherings.

BBP143 02: This track is the winning tune from the latest Breakbeat Paradise Remix Contest, featuring last years opening act, Chineese Robots from discObeta on the first Big Fat Mama Beats V/A. The production and dj duo Illgorhythms, has created a perfect mixture of new bass, beats, breaks and future funk.

BBP143 03: Mr Bristow is breaking the beats with To The Beat Y’all on the third track. Mr Bristow has had many releases with Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, and more to come. He’s a house-hold name to look out for and check out.

BBP143 04: Pecoe is no stranger to fans of breaks and breakbeat. He has been spreading the breaks flavor all over the world since he opened his website Breaklinkz.net. A breaks archive and blog running since 2007. Then moved into music production and creating inventive and sublime mashups. He has perfected these skills and he’s delivering the brilliant disco breaks track Dance Sucka, that will make your fat mama’ discodance while the crowd is jumping.

BBP143 05: Bezwun is a new funky name, to keep in mind in the Electronic Funk, New Bass and Ghetto Funk department. Excited to follow their future development, we are proud to welcome Bezwun on BBP. The massive track Funk Safari, is bringin’ the tempo down a notch on the compilation, but surely not the energy.

BBP143 06: This is the DiscObeta duo from US, once again showing their killer mixing and production abilities. This time with an Electronic Boombap booty version, Who Got Da Spark. They have just recently released their exciting debut EP, also available to grab or check out on BBP, if you want more.

BBP143 07: Russian big beat and breakbeat producer 54RU, have joined forces with BBP‘s Wiccatron on this collaboration called The Ultimate Seduction. They are showing us just how intense and groovy a big fat mama beat with acid breaks and house vocals can become.

BBP143 08: Award winning and amazing breakbeat act Under Influence, has created a real funked up, jacking, big beat experience in the studio, with the also multiple award winning dj and producer Rory Hoy. This is what Big Fat Mama Beats is about. Another fresh big beat tune, to take things to the next level.

BBP143 09: Liberty Chaps delivers a big ghetto groovy, future funky surprise on Get Up Get Down. They are some of the most exciting newcomers this year, and they show their top creative mixing skills, snd brings their own originality and wacky wobbles to the table. They have also released a free power hour download tune to cob on BBPrecordings on SoundCloud.

BBP143 10: Beats maestro, The Funk Fury delivers a bangin’ booty-licius, b-boy experience on Don’t Need No Singer. When the lights come off, you’ll still have this ringing in your ears. He’s no rookie in the nu-funk and breaks scene and have multiple releases and projects under his belt to check out.

BBP143 11: This is the latest Tropical Burger Time, showing again what’s happening when you put BBP house-hold Rory Hoy and Wiccatron to collab on some funky breakbeat together. Both of them, tweak all the big acid electro funk buttons on this one.

BBP143 12: Pulp Fusion is yet another house hold name to check out, with legendary previous releases on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings. Closing the party with a cunningly original big belter of a track. Trip hop meets perfect with Big Beat on Crazy Enough, with a twist of original perfection and beutiful vocals.

This is the second release in the series. The fresh follower to last years heavy hitting Big Fat Mama Beats V/A, also available from Breakbeat Paradise Recordings in all major worldwide music streaming and download services. Made with an expert producer team in cooperation with BBP and producer/dj/co-founder, Wiccatron. Straight in the crate, big breaks and funky floorfillers only from Breakbeat Paradise Recordings.

Review: “As you can imagine, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings specializes in the sort of house music that’s carried by chunky blockade of beats and bass, all rounded off by a distinctive electro swing. This is the second chapter of the Big Fat Mama Beats series and, once again, the imprint have gone to extreme measures to secure a supremely effective line-up for both them and us. There’s not a dull moment in here, or anything remotely beatless, so be sure to cop yourself this super-charged, super floor-minded collection of new-school breaks for the masses”-Juno Download

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BBP-119: Funkliners – Funk Like This EP

A – Funkliners  – Mumble (Original Mix)
B – Funkliners  – Funk Like This (Original Mix)
C – Funkliners  – Funk Like This (Wiccatron feat. A.I.D Remix)
D – Funkliners  – Funk Like This (Rory Hoy Remix)

The long awaited first ep from Funkliners is finally here on Breakbeat Paradise recordings. These guys have hit the scene hard, already supporting the likes of Krafty Kuts, DC Breaks, Bart & Bakers, as well as a host of other DJ slots. They’re hitting the funky road running, so watch out for future releases, and enjoy their debut single, including remixes from Rory Hoy and Wiccatron featuring Aliens in Denmark (A.i.D).

Formed in May of 2014, Funkliners are a Yorkshire (UK) duo made up of “Snuff” and “Just Jess”. Having been friends, and been on the same line up more than a few times over the previous few years, they were booked to play at Illuminaughty in Manchester as a b2b set. On the night they played alongside “The Chicken Brothers” and “The Itchy and Skratchy djs” to a full house, and have never looked back. Since that moment “Funkliners” were born! Having played at numerous events individually they quickly began racking the gigs up as Funkliners. Snuff comes from a background of djing and producing heavy dubstep and dnb, whilst just jess played more the electro and funky house side. This can often make for a jeckyll and hyde style set with one playing the funkier, hip hoppy side, and one playing the glitchier, heavier side! In the past year these guys have supported A.Skills, DJ Clumsy, Kotch, Bear Thrylls, Father Funk and loads more coming this year. They have also just been given the honour of being UK representatives of “Sideshow Kuts” for the United Kingdom. They run events worldwide and Funkliners will be throwing host of parties over 2016 with loads of special guests so keep peeled here on BBP for updates…

A bit of info about the remixers: Wiccatron aka Kim Sørensen is the Danish co-founder, producer and DJ of Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, best known for his love of breaks and funk and all things in between. He mixes up a great fusion of new Bass N Breaks N Funk. Aliens in Denmark (AiD) is based in Odense Denmark, but originally from England, the Aliens in Denmark are DJ One and En-Jay-Tea. DJ One scratches his way onto Wiccatrons remix of Funkliners “Funk Like This”, accompanying the down-tempo funkiness of this 102 bpm head-bopper.

Rory Hoy is a Multi- Award Winning Music Producer/Film Maker and DJ. He was the Winner of the Yorkshire Young Achiever of the Year Award 2012 hosted by ITV, in the Arts Category, which he won alongside actor Mikey North who plays Gary Windass in Coronation St. He has 5 critically acclaimed albums under his belt. This time he brings us his banging 80’s inspired funky breaks remix, with original scratching as well to get the party going.

Another banging EP from your one-stop-shop for everything you need in funky beats and breaks…

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BBP-118: Calagad 13 – Music Is My Life EP

  1. The Fonkey Callin’ (Vocal Mix)
  2. Think Positive
  3. The Great Battle (Vocal Mix)
  4. Electro Boggie Nation
  5. Music Is My Life 2016 (Human Beatbox Version)
  6. Flow
  7. The Fonkey Callin’ (Instrumental)
  8. Think Positive (Instrumental)
  9. The Great Battle (Instrumental)
  10. Slow (Bonus Breath)

We’re happy to welcome back Calagad 13 to the label. After releasing some bad ass vinyls on his label Fresh Kingdom, Calagad 13 has now returned to drop some oldskool b-boy breaks for us right here on BBP.

The Music Is My Life EP really takes us back to the oldskool with some 80s electro boogie as well as some funky soul chop up’s and some classic breakbeat material. This release is dedicated to the breakdancing scene, but it does have crossover appeal to the club scene, where these jams could be doing some damage on the dancefloors as well. As we are a sucker for the oldskool here at BBP, this EP had no problem fitting right into our catalog.

Look out for the catchy funky guitar licks on the Fonkey Callin’ tune, and the funky JB sounding Think Positive, the bad ass b-boy bumpers like The Great Battle and the Electro Boggie Nation and the soulful Flow tune and Slow (Bonus Breath). Not to forget the title tune Music Is My Life which is already a well-known classic tune in the b-boy breaks scene – but on this EP in a previously unreleased Human Beatbox Version. The EP comes with instrumental cuts of each tune for your mixing pleasure.

As always BBP is here to give you the original vibe and keeping the breaks and the funk alive for 2016 and beyond.

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