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Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is a digital label founded in early 2006 by Boe Pedersen (Dj BadboE) and Kim Sørensen (Wiccatron). The label originates from the music website Breakbeat Paradise that has been running since 1996. Breakbeat Paradise is dedicated to breakers and electronic musicians within the style of music that we can loosely term as breakbeat. Developing and improving this website over the last 10 years to include everything from visitor music sharing, annual breakbeat contests, samplekits and discussion forum. We felt that going into digital music distribution would be a natural next step.

The music material on the Breakbeat Paradise website has over 1000 pieces of music. Breakbeat Paradise Recordings will pick up the very best “cream of the crop”, artists and tunes and release them as digital downloads through Breakbeat Paradise Recordings collaborative partners . We found digital distribution would match perfect with our cutting-edge funky breakbeat music and the fastest way from the streets – to the listener and dancefloor!

With only exclusive vinyl and digital releases , we are always focused on the most important thing for us – the music!

The music will span from traditional nu funk and funky breaks to more dancefloor oriented ghetto funk, future funk and big beat as well as hip hop with a glitch and the more mellow side of the drum ‘n’ bass and nu skool breaks. The sound of Breakbeat Paradise is driven by an emphatic beat that is intended to form a leitmotif between the releases.

Even though releases from Breakbeat Paradise will be coming from different artists, we always uniform a sound by focusing within the genres of breakbeat. Collaborators and musicians work close together on our label and we are always ensuring a brand of selective “state of the art“, quality and sound .

We will devote ourselves to deliver the phattest, funkiest and the biggest grooves to be found out there…[/vc_wp_text][vc_single_image image=”1042″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]