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BBP-116: Phibes – Ghetto Beats Vol. 1

BBP-116: Phibes – Ghetto Beats Vol. 1

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2015-10-12

Catalog number: BBP-116

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Ghetto Beats Vol. 1

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is very pound to finally introduce the very first release from UK-based ghetto funk darlings: Phibes. The funky duo has been dropping countless free party bombs as well as making appearances on multi-artist compilations on labels like Tru-Funk, Hustle Audio, Scour Records and right here on BBP.

After perfecting their sound they are now locked and loaded to drop a straight-up party rocking Ghetto Beats Vol. 1 EP with 4 golden ghetto funk bangers. Phibes has gone back to find some of the very best they could get their hand on from the treasure chest of funk and soul. By infusing their signature bass-driven funky breaks treatment they’ve managed to make all these jams their own. From the big groves of the Who’s That to the classic soul hook of the Hold On banger over the big bass drops of On Time before ending things with the undeniably funky Pump It jam.

No doubt the Phibes brothers are on their way to big things, with original EPs in the making for labels like Adapted and Electroshock. We hope to be bringing you much more funky goodies from these guys in the near future.

Another banging EP from your one-stop-shop for everything you need in funky beats and breaks…