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BBP-144: Mined & Forrest – There It Is EP

BBP-144: Mined & Forrest – There It Is EP

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2017-09-22

Catalog number: BBP-144

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There It Is (Original Mix)
There It Is (Original Mix)
Mined & Forrest
Funk Toxic
Mined & Forrest
Mined & Forrest feat. Joker
There It Is (Jayl Funk Remix)
Mined & Forrest
  1. Mined & Forrest – There It Is (Original Mix)
  2. Mined & Forrest – Funk Toxic
  3. Mined & Forrest feat. Joker – Drugs
  4. Mined & Forrest – There It Is (Jayl Funk Remix)

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is back to drop another debut EP from the German producer duo Mined & Forrest consisting of Forrest Funk & Mined from Obba Select. They are both well-established names on their own with a large group of followers – known for their edits, mashups and funky DJ sets.

Inspired by classic funk, modern bass design and hiphop sampling they teamed up to bring their musical ideas together. Spending lots of time in the studio turning knobs and hitting keys, they now have a bunch of funky tunes ready to hit the dancefloors out there.

The EP kicks off with the groovy and catching title tune There It Is, which perfectly showcases their take on the ghetto funk sound. A steady beat with some clever hip hop samples and a great deal of musicality including a big middle passage of beautiful atmospheric sounds.

On the next cut the duo takes us a little further back to the oldskool on the Funk Toxic banger. Toxic funky bass on a boom bap beat mixed with their chopped up hip hop vocal samples.

Things are about to get serious on the 3rd jam on the EP which features Joker on the bass heavy Drugs tune. Heavy beats and big basslines is in center on this bad boy jam.

The title tune There It Is is finally getting the upmost funky party treatment from BBP’s very own Jayl Funk on the last track on the EP. A steady block rocking beat and twist up on the vocals is all it takes for Jayl Funk to make this his very own as he brings this EP home.

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Comment
Dj One (Aliens In Denmark) Wicked debit biz from these guys!!
Psychotropic Frequencies Just how i like it, HipHop/Funk! cool release
Waggles Great funky beats!! will get played out for sure!
Johnny Beats There it is……
Breaks Ida Nice one… I will try.
Mike Swaine (Bass & Breaks) Like this.
Captain Flatcap Mmmmmmm! Funky!
DJ Cockney Nutjob Awesome EP but ‘There it is’ is the banger…and then Jayl Funk takes it to another level with the remix!
C@ in the H@ All round tastiness, great beats!
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Great stuff..what a debut!!
Jay Parker (Funkliners) Love it!
Fabsie Funk Great tunes! There it is is dance floor heat and the Jayl Funk Remix gives it that extra kick boom.
Quincy Jointz really great debut by this new artists.
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Tasty tunes
Buba King Heavy Fruits of the Forest!!
Jayclue, Qdup Foundation I like Funk Toxic a lot… Feeling the Jayl Funk Remix on There It Is.
Doctor Hooka Fantastic release