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BBP-164: BrightIdea – Sunrise EP

BBP-164: BrightIdea – Sunrise EP

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2019-11-01

Catalog number: BBP-164

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Hailing from the depths of Canada, Bright Idea emerges with a ray of sunshine that is his debut release on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings. Four glitch filled beauties, superbly composed and created that will brighten up any day.

The EP opens with the title track Sunrise, just like a fresh summer morning, and the sun shining through, when all of a sudden, your hit with some gliding synths wrapped up in some squelchy bass, and the tightest of beats.

Keeping the brightness going, Getting Down keep the happy vibes going, with subtle pianos moving into another squelcher.

Next up, Bright Idea get a bit darker with Jungle Strut. With some eerie, deep bass, along with those vocal and animal stab, this track takes you into the depth of the jungle through bass.

The last track of the EP sees Bright Idea teaming up with fellow Canadian Funkinright. And the party gets going here. These two seem to have a magic chemistry, and it certainly shines through here.