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BBP140: Morlack – Ghetto Disco Vol. 2

BBP140: Morlack – Ghetto Disco Vol. 2

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2017-10-27

Catalog number: BBP-140

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In Ur Face
In Ur Face
Smokin N Drinkin
Luv U Mama
Show Me How
Come & Get It

Just as you thought it couldn’t get more disco – Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is back at your service for a second installment of the Ghetto Disco series. This time with a true household name on BBP: Morlack who returns for his 10th solo release on the label!

Morlack is doing his thing across 5 super funky cuts of ghetto disco to follow up on Morongroover & Mr Bristows successful vol. 1 release which dropped a few month back. The basslines are big and the party vibes even bigger as Morlack digs out some rare disco grooves and makes them his own by applying his signature ghetto rocking arrangements.

The EP kicks off with the party disco rockin’ In Ur Face jam, which will be a sure party starter and perfect for the upcoming holidays parties. The party continues on the second cut called Smokin’ ‘n’ Drikin which slows it down a bit and makes room for a classic hip hop acapella to take center stage.

Things are gonna get big on the 3rd cut which take things way back to the oldskool on the Luv U Mama which has already seen support by Roast Beatz on the Official Ghetto Funk podcast. Party vibes for everyone continues as the Show Me How jam glides across the airways. Last but not least Morlack end things with a real smooth banger on the Come & Get It joint. Morlack has brought us yet another classic EP.

Keep an eye on BBP for your supply of groovy funky bangers…  

Feedback from the scene:


Contact Support / Score Comment
Dj One (Aliens In Denmark) Support (10/10) Proper heavy disco vibes!!!
Psychotropic Frequencies Support (8/10) Great stuff, fully support it, bigups to Morlack!
Waggles Support (8/10) boom
Mr Bristow Support (8/10) Nice follow up – great work!
Breaks Ida Support (6/10) Nice one.
Mike Swaine (Bass & Breaks) Support (8/10) Banging.
Ambl Beats Support (7/10) Nice work
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support (9/10) It’s nice to see Ben is back with his own ways as usually! Supporting for sure!
Katrine Ring (Vibezone) Support (8/10) Morlack is so funky! And this EP proves it!
DJ Cockney Nutjob Support (10/10) Morlack is on top form with this EP – Love it!
Funkliners Support (9/10) top grooves!
Trotter Support (9/10) DOPE !!! Morlack always rockin’ the place !!!!
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Support (9/10) Excellent
Fabsie Funk Support (8/10) Morlack dropping the funk jams! Love the shante drop on luv u mama
Quincy Jointz Support (7/10) “Show me how” and “Come & get it” are the ones for me. Not really something special but good anyway.
Pulp Fusion Support (8/10) man… all are bangers!
Morongroover Support (7/10) Very nicely produced pack of dicso influenced breaks. A tad too much on the side breaks rather than the disco imho.
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support (9/10) Full Fat Funk
Buba King Support (7/10) The Morlack Funk Machine is non stop 😉
Johnny Beats Support (10/10) Morlak sets the bar higher and higher with each release.. Straight 10s on this across the board..
Ill Turner Support (9/10) Very dope!
Doctor Hooka Support (10/10) Always got nothing but love for Morlack, fantastic release!!