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Tom Showtime – Remixes, Redubs & Redizzles – Out now exclusive on Juno Download

Out now exclusive on Juno Download:



  1. Tom Showtime– Bad Grammarphone (Bach To Life Mix)
  2. Tom Showtime – Bowed Selection (Extended Mix)
  3. Tom Showtime – Where The Best Herbs Grow (Herbaceous Mix)
  4. Tom Showtime – The Psyde Projects – Re-Dizzled (Tom ShowtimeRedizzle)
  5. Tom Showtime – Soul Alchemy feat N’Fa, D’Fro & Mose(Boombap Mix)
  6. Tom Showtime -Spaces & Places feat Gift Of Gab, Lotek & Ash.One(Double Down Mix)
  7. Ben & Lex – Bang Like This feat The Pharcyde (Tom ShowtimeRemix)
  8. Tom Showtime – Strange Encounter Meal (Extra Large Mix)
  9. Tom Showtime– Life Is Funky feat D’Fro (Funky Mix)
  10. Tom Showtime– Funk Pants feat The Psyde Projects(The Re-Thread)
  11. Mr Bristow– My Life feat Benny Silver (Tom ShowtimeRemix)
  12. Roast Beatz– Ride It Out feat Crystal Carter (Tom ShowtimeRemix)
  13. DJ Maars– Soundclash feat Born Ina Barn (Tom ShowtimeRemix)
  14. N’Fa Jones – Life Is Just A Game (Tom ShowtimeRe-Dub)
  15. Swerv & Kolide– Direkt Drive (Tom ShowtimeRe-Dub)

This collection of ‘remixes’ span from 2011 to 2019, covering many genres and featuring prominent MCs Gift Of Gab(Blackalicious),Imani(The Pharcyde), Lotek and N’Fa Jones. The LP follows the typical musical arc of a Tom ShowtimeDJ set. Beginning with Trip Hop, moving through Jazzy to Party Hip Hop, Funk next, followed by a Tropical excursion and finishing with Reggae ‘redubs’.

An unreleased remix of Soul Alchemyappears for the first time along with Bad Grammarphone, plus some quality Australian releases, dancefloor favourites and ‘redizzled’ head nodders. Ride it out…

Juno Review:
“So the team at Breakbeat Paradise are back to their old tricks again, proving just why they are so highly praised for their consistency here on JunoDownload. This latest project sees Tom Showtime join forces with a number of other producers for an intricate remix project, seeing a selection of fifteen potent reworks land in the store. The genre styles range for stripped back hip hop beats to more funky rethinks, giving a real mix and blend of styles. For us, the Tom Showtime remix of ‘Bang Like This‘ from Ben & Lex alongside The Pharcyde summarizes everything this release is about, that being smooth, vibrant beats and warm, colourful basslines!”

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Rating Comment
Jack HKPP 8 Some tasty funk nuggets in here!
C@ in the H@ 8 Smooth vibes, digging it
Tom (Alien In Denmark) 9 Top selection of the Boom Bap!!
Psychotropic Frequencies 10 Epic… wicked chilled vibes throughout
Clan Dextine 7 some very delicious remixes there!
Dj Wash 10 Nice release!!
Captain Flatcap 7 Sexy beats!
Mr Lob 10 So great to see these all together in one package. Showtime is one funky man and this is a dope release and will get plays from me for sure,
Cool Hand Luke 8 refreshing
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides 9 Some great tunes in here
Qdup Foundation 9 Nice! Tom Showtime coming through with the boom bap. will play.
B-Side 8 good vibes
MJ (100% Phat) 9 Good to see Showtime back with a new release.. One of the best remixers about!
DJ Stach 8 Awesome bunch of remixes.
Deep South Audio 7 solid thanks
Jay Parker (Funkliners) 10 Sublime as per
Buba King 8 Toms Really Showtiming Off!!! Monster Package

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Tom Showtime – The Butterzone EP – Out now on Digital!

OUT NOW – Exclusive on Juno Download:

Out May 19th on Beatport.

Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is proud to present Tom Showtime with his brand new 4-track release, The Butter Zone EP – previously only available on 12” vinyl. As it has done so many times before BBP is bringing Ghetto Funk and Funky Breaks back to its roots by putting the funk in focus and letting the rest speak for itself. Never before has it been done as well as this with Tom Showtime getting on board and tailor-making this 4-track EP of banging feel good jams around our genres beloved 105 BPM, aka The Butter Zone.

Tom Showtime is no newbie to the field having dropped laid-back funk bombs on lables like Groove Penguin, Booty Fruit, Riddim Fruit, Tru-Funk as well as an artist EP on the Ghetto Funk label.

This time he really means business as he takes us on a deep dive into his crates of samples and treats us with some flawless ghetto boogie jams. The EP even comes with a scratchapella cut – so DJs its time to gut business behind the wheels of steel…


Feedback from the Scene:
Nice one bud!, Slynk 
Useful stuff!, DJ Yoda
Great release!, Jayl Funk
Another HUGE Showtime Bomb, will tear the place apart as always ;), Doctor Hooka (NBC Radio)
Really liking Super Natrual Flow… Will definitely get the party going, Jason Brown (Qdup)
Tom showtime never disappoints!!! super smooth EP, DJ Exceed
Great EP. Very funky!, Sammy Senior
Tom Showtime bringing the funky hip hop vibes in this one!, The Outlier
Super natural flow indeed! Nice and smooth, classic steady-head-knodding beat to add to the funky ingredients ; ),Paddy Ramp
This is fantastic. Loving the king of clubs. Wanted to do that tune for long while 😉 Smashing e.p all round!! Big ups Tom showtime, Phibes 
Wicked Summer Hip-Hop Vibes, Timothy Wisdom
Loving this release- funky as fuck and a free scratchapella?! What’s not to like! Good work, Mr Bristow
Liking Super Natural Flow! Nice to hear a funky EP without all the wobble basslines…., Lebrosk (Mixmag)
Great oldschool hiphop with funky vibes, love the whole EP, Funkanomics 
Like it, indeedly foo ;), DJ DUBra
Truly spiffing release from Mr Showtime! Super Natural Flow being KILLER!, Jimi Needles
Good stuff! that scratchapella will come in handy too, Tom Drummond

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