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Mick – Producer – Remixer – Dj

Co-founder of Twin Town Productions and part of the Mick & Marc DJ Team!

I was born in 1978 in southwest Germany where I still live. My interests for electronic music began in the mid 90s with the big rave hype in Germany. Somehow I loved these new electronic sounds, but I wasn’t 100% comfortable with it. The first time I heard a broken beat, was when I discovered “Prodigy” in ‘95 over their first album “Experience” and I was amazed.These breakbeats where incredible, much better than the 4×4 stuff, that everybody heard at that time. So breakbeat was “invented” – in my world. After the sounds of “Prodigy” slowed down in their later stuff I found my way to “Chemical Brothers” and through them over Chemical Beats finally to Bigbeat. I loved the first “Fatboy Slim” Album. But when his second album “You’ve come a long way baby” was released in 98 and I first heard the “Rockafellar Skank” my mind exploded. It was like I had found my kind of music, the one and only – Bigbeat. After Rave, Trance, Breakbeat finally Bigbeat. By the same time all this happened, I found a second passion for the 60s Soul and discovered, that elements of the older music from the 60s and 70s were similar to elements in Bigbeat an even used in Bigbeat via sampling.

Sampling? Also in that time I was at a friends house on one day and he showed me some effekt with music on his computer. He had a piece of software that I would describe as a sequencer today. He put some piece of melody together with a beat. Oh my god that was incredible. In theory I could take any piece of music and put it under what ever I’d like to. I needed a new PC! I had experience with computers at earlier times with Amiga and the first PCs. Now I needed a PC for music and finally got it end of 98. Already in the early days I came in contact with the loop sequencing tool ACID Pro 2.0 (today I produce mostly on ACID Pro 6.0). This little piece of software could do exactly what I dreamed of. I only had to record and cut samples, what I first started to learn. From now on everything began: I thought, look Mr. Norman Cook does it, “I never worked a day in my life, I just layed back and let the Bigbeat lead me!”, was the sentence that rocked so much and ended up in that Skank that made Mr. Cook to Mr. Rockefella  I thought this must be the best in the world to cut up the music you like so much, put it back together to sound you even like more and on top of that get rich with it… I was young and naive. Hehe… But I never stopped to produce music from that days on. I bought myself a 303 and an Emu sampler a couple of years ago but production for me is software based most of the time. I think one day I will have the equipment to realize productions on a software-hardware mixture as I imagine.

When the internet came everything started to speed up. My knowledge about all kinds of music developed from day to day more and more. I dug into Soul, Funk, Bossa, Samba, Jazz, Boogaloo as well as House, Electro, Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Lounge, Disco, etc. Suddenly and somehow I found sounds that I love in almost every genre of music out of all the years since the 50s. The more I searched the more producers and DJs I found which already made sound similar to what I imagined. Some producers and DJs whose sound I love and to whose I am looking up to are: Fatboy Slim, Krafty Kuts, Freddy Fresh, Ursula1000, Skeewiff, Malente, Fort Knox Five and much more. In the years between 2000 and 2005 I read a lot about music itself, music business, music production, the sub cultures around music, the music market and so on. My whole comprehension of music developed extremely through that brainstorming. The internet also helped indirectly to bring up my passion as a DJ.

Djing for me in the beginning was a total different thing than producing, because I though I never could get those rare sounds I love so much on vinyl. The internet changed everything in that way. Now it was possible to get the information about a vinyl you want and even get the vinyl itself someway over the internet. After samplemania, music brainstorming I finally got vinyl addicted…Hehe.

With the new millenium a friend of mine named Thorsten Kraus founded together with Marc Hartmann, Lars “Looper” Langholz and me the Label Twin Town Productions. We really planned to release our first vinyl. This happened in 2001. It was incredible what already had developed within three years. From that day on until today, Twin Town Productions was and is our homebase. We toured around in clubs, made parties and released six more vinyls since 2001.

Today I play together with Marc Hartmann in our Mick & Marc DJ Team whenever our in meantime to booker upgraded friend Thorsten Kraus gets us the next gig. This already brought us together with some of our big idols like Malente and Ursula 1000 for example. Marc and me are also about to build up a new project called “funkybreaks.eu”, that should be started until end of 2006. Together with Mr. Hartmann I also produced lots of my sounds ever since. We started everything together: to hear the sound, to produce it and to spin it on the turntables. He learned me a lot of things and the other way round too. Our tastes in electronic music are quiet the same. So we produce together as team as well as everybody has his own projects. But all the time it’s similar sounding in some way:

funky, soulful, groovy, bright, broken, upbeat – most of the time 😉 – M+M Style