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BBP-191: Various Artists – Disco Paradise Vol.2

After the successful first volume of Disco Paradise, we at Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, thought it was about time to release some more of those happy vibes to try and lift us through these trying times.
Kicking of the album, is a legend of the disco/house scene, combining forces with a master of the funky breaks. Jet Boot Jack and Gramophone Soul have teamed up to give you a pumping dancefloor filler, filled with happy claps and pianos to make you smile. That’s followed by a stomping track from the get go from Leygo, with his secret head nodding recipe to keep you going. Next up is the funk-fueled, vocal stabby number by Venture & Capital, laced with an array of instruments bringing that old live style. Joy Legend comes in next with his downtempo vibe, reminiscing back to the days of Studio 54.
Keeping it on the smooth tip, Jayl Funk enters with his typical funked up style, and continuing in and around the same tempo, we have a debut artist on the label, by the name of Luke the Knife. Horns a plenty and a rolling bassline is the game of this one. Label bossman BadboE brings his world reknowned super funky breaks, hip hop vocals, and big beats, for all you staunch BBP fans. Moving onto the next, Stabfinger is a name synonymous with top quality production. This time he joins forces with Funny Ox, to supply a bass filled, synth laden beauty, that definitely gets the funky seal of approval. Label stablemates,
The Funkin Basstards have come with a rolling, grooving remix of Belle Epoque, while Pecoe slides in after with his well-known style of clean beats, cool guitars and subtle nuances throughout. Morlack, has been member of the BBP family for a long while, and definitely knocks it out the park with this one. It’s got a bass heavy groove, punchy beats, and a sweet vocal to compliment. With a recent release on BBP, Boydex joins the disco club, combining forces with vocalist Alizé for a hip swaying, chest pumping disco house number, before the connoisseur of production, Don Dayglow, comes with a downtempo, electro-disco track smothered on those 80’s synth sounds and vocal floating above to take to that disco dreamworld. Finally, we have another new guy to the BBP family…
Skank Honto with a gritty disco breaks track, filled with plucky leads, and a catchy bassline to match.
All-in-all Disco Paradise Vol.2 is filled a variety of disco styles, for all you lovers of the disco dancefloor.

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BBP-190: Morlack – Closet Freak EP

It wouldn’t be a real BBP year if we didn’t have a new EP drop from our always reliable – always funky man: Morlack. As so many times before Morlack brings us the funky heat by going back to the timeless classics to pick out pieces to wrap into his own special style of electro bass funk.
The Closet Funk EP showcases the very best of the Morlack-style starting off with a big rearrangement of a classic soul jam on the Papa Was. Moving on to the title jam Closet Freak that brings out the big dancefloor vibes and boogie basslines with some rnb vocals to go with it. Plastic Love brings down the tempo a bit but the big groove remains on this smooth joint that elegant merges silky soul with electro beats and basslines.
It Gets To Me brings it back to the heavier dancefloor vibes with some big classic rap flows for the win.
Finally, we see another 2020 twist on one of Morlacks classic joint called Freakout that shows party breaks at its finest.
From your favorite source of funky beats and breaks – Breakbeat Paradise Recordings!

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BBP177: Morlack – Good Times EP

It’s about that time of year again – time to get down to some timeless funky boogie jams: Its’s Morlack time! Back with yet another hot 5-track EP filled to the limit with funky dancefloor energy and catchy finger snapping productions.

In this crazy time we’re in we all need exactly what this EP has to offer. Good Times EP offers uplifting summer vibes, disco flavors and big beats and basslines!

Kicking things off with the smooth title track Good Times which sets the stage for that well-known Morlack groove and some nice vocals. Following up with some more serious dancefloor action on the Do It 2 Me funky boogie jam – which is a sure dancefloor activator with it’s bouncy beats and groovy vocoders. Things are speeding up on the Sexy Shine jam, which puts on an energetic disco groove and some rather edgy rapping. Finally, it’s time to Get Happy on the forth cut of this EP – which takes some classic oldskool bell samples and put it with a smooth soulful groove. Last but not least Morlack revisits one of his big tunes called Freak Bitch and gives it a 2020 overhaul.

Morlack and Breakbeat Paradise Recordings at it again with another timeless release that should help keep the spirit high as the world navigates though these difficult times…


Feedback from scene:

Contact Support Rating Comment
Katch Support 7 great little club package
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support 9 Another quality collection from Morlack
Apostolos Argy Support 7 nice
Qdup Foundation Support 8 Do It 2 Me is nice!
Dj XS Support 8 Quality EP
Clan Dextine Support 9 sh!t hot party pack right here!
DJ Stach Support 8 Awesome
Chris Pop Support 9 nice! good time vibes!
B-Roll (FreebreaksBlog) Support 8 Lovely!
Psychotropic Frequencies Support 10 Wicked grooves by Morlack, suitably funky!
Funk Weapons Support 8 Morlack with a killer package, he did a great job on these.
Breaks Ida Support 6 Great!!! Stay safe.
Dj Rehab Support 8 Some great mid tempo funk, just in time for the warm weather.
Dj Wash Support 10 I always loved the original from this Do it 2 Me. This one came up pretty good. Thanx!
Tom (Alien In Denmark) Support 7 Morlack on form!
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support 8 solid and predictable – in good manners! supporting…
Quincy Jointz Support 7 I like the Disco Bpogie touch of “Do it 2 me”
Buba King Support 8 Mor Chunky Funkiness that certainly isn’t Lacking
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Support 9 Almost knocked my head off nodding to this fantastic

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BBP-160: Morlack – Pull Up EP

It wouldn’t be a proper BBP year without us dropping a new Morlack EP. This time around its all about the big grooves and dancefloor vibes. Across all 5 cuts you will recognize that signature Morlacksound mixed with just as much party flavor that he could get his hands on!

The Pull Up EP makes up the 12th Morlack release on BBP and what a ride it’s been – and Morlack shows no signs of slowing down. He’s a frequent guest in the Katakana Edits series and on his own Funk Blaster label. Always keeping it funky and with a prober doze of breaks and lately shifting into the world of nu-disco.

The title tune Pull Up gives us some of that signature Morlack boogie bass over a sweet disco joint. No Illusions takes it down a notch but slams on a steady disco groove and some party rocking rhymes. One Dutch take it back to the funk and some proper big 70s style grooves, while Manteca takes us on a ride with some Latin grooves and Spanish vocals. Last but not least Morlack leaves us begging for more with the hyper groovy Bush Beats featuring more boogie bass and party rapping.

As we continue to maintaining our focus on the breaks we love to journey into different styles and the disco genre is one that is always dear to us. So, expect much from us along these lines in the near future.   

Feedback from the scene:

Contact Support Rating Comment
Pecoe Support 8 So much funk ! Great 🙂
DJ Durilliam Support 6 bush beat is a bumper
Dj Rehab Support 8 Pretty wicked.
Doctor Hooka Support 10 Another fine selection from Morlack, loving Bush Beat it’s nice and bouncy
Radical Mixtape Support 10 Awesome release
DJ Justin Johnson Support 8 Great EP full of funk, love it!
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support 9 you can’t stop the guy!!
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support 9 Some sweet grooves
Psychotropic Frequencies Support 8 Well done Morlack, been a while… cool release man.
BMD Support 7 ‘Bush beat’ definitely stands out – in a positive way – and that’s my pick.
Funk Ferret Support 10 Great! Love the old skool classic funky vibes!
Johnny Pluse Support 10 love this vibes
DJ Stach Support 9 BBP you have done it again with yet another awesome release. Love all the tracks. 9 out of 10
Fat Harry Support 9 Top darts
Quincy Jointz Support 7 3 good tunes out of 5 is fine
Buba King Support 8 The Chunky Funky Master Returns, Soild as Standard!!!
D-Funk Support 7 Def feeling ‘No Illusions’ & will play out for sure!
Liberty Chaps Support 8 Groovin EP this from Morlack bringing the disco vibes.
Cmc production Support 7 nice package


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BBP-151: Morlack – Keep That Funk EP

It wouldn’t be a proper BBP year with dropping at least one new EP from Morlack! This time around Morlack has brought some real big funk bangers and catchy grooves to Keep That Funk going on the dancefloors this summer.

The EP kicks off with a tip of the hat to one of the great funk legends – brought into the new millennium with Morlack’s signature ghetto funk treatment. Title tune Keep That Funk takes one of the funkiest grooves ever created and wraps it into an inferno of beats and bass.

The up-tempo funk jams continues across the Be Bumpin Freshand Ghetto Girls track before turning down the tempo and up the catchy vibes on the DAYo and Let’s Get It (Part 2).

This is the second time we have the pleasure of dropping some Morlack hotness after his feature on this year Bad Ass Funk Vol. 2 vinyl.

Keeping in chilled and funky – all summer long – right here on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings.

More info on Morlack:

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BBP-150: VA – Breakin The Riddim Vol. 2

After the success of “Breakin’ the Riddim Vol.1” from last year, we thought it only fitting to follow up with a Vol.2… And what a follow up it is. 12 tracks of reggae and dub influenced breaks, providing an array of styles for whatever your dubby pleasure….

Breakin the Riddim Vol.2 sees some newer artists mixing it up with the more established, giving a combination of sounds that is sure to entertain.

  1. Illgorhythms – Fire Sound ft. Richard Smithson

A punchy beat and a plucky guitar jump out at you straight away with this from Illgorhythms- And the vibe continues after the drop with the guitar following you through a compliment of keyboards, synths, beats and bass, that fit together to provide a perfect balance of riddim and bass.

  1. DJ Clairvo – Lyrical Stepper ft. The Kurnel MC

These 2 are becoming regulars on BBP, and have finally joined forces to make a sweet bouncy riddim. The Kurnel MC, with his sharp rhymes and Clairvo’s ability to create a vibe that can only bring a smile to your face is a guaranteed floor filler.

  1. Cockney Nutjob – Let it Burn

Heavy bass and sharp beats with a dubwise influence is what Cockney Nutjob is known for, and he definitely doesn’t disappoint. A deep rolling bass over the kick gives this track a rumble only this man can deliver.

  1. Liberty Chaps – Hype Up!

These guys are on the up and up, and come with a riddim, that cannot be missed. Coming with some bassy funk, wobbling through some sweet vocals, and tight beats to keep it HYPE!!

  1. Leygo – Meditation

Starting with some nice dub vibes, and an echoing vocal, this track explodes out of nowhere into a warped out bass breaker. With a real groove to the beat, never escaping from that dub feeling.

  1. Fredy High – BoomBoom Fiya

After the success of his track on Vol.1, Fredy High has delivered again; with a hip hop head nodder wrapped up in a nice warm dubby riddim. Off-key synths and a bassline that can shake the tail off a donkey, create the perfect atmosphere for those fans of the more downtempo vibe.

  1. Bezwun – No Surrender

With previous banger releases on BBP, Bezwun returns with a bassfunk style, filled with sweet synth sounds, all based around ragga vocals that fit perfectly.

  1. Ocelus – Scrubby Dubby

Little known, yet not deserved, Ocelus is a hidden gem when it comes to making music. This guy has ear for a reggae vibe, using some 8-bit sounds, deep heavy bass, and vocals to sing along to, there won’t be a still foot anywhere when this is on.

  1. Basschimp – Bad Boys ft. Dan Sharicon

Here we have another artist that featured on Vol.1. We were so pleased with ”Under mi Breakbeat” track, that we had to get him again. Featuring the distinctive vocals of Dan Sharicon, Basschimp produces a nice blend of funky guitars, a deep warping bass and an amen to boot.

10. Funkliners – Mad Man

Funkliners hit you with an uptempo banger filled with madness for those who like to brokout on the dancefloor.

11. Pecoe – Boom
With his ever-growing repertoire of breaks and bass, Pecoe comes with a funk-laced riddim with some recognisable vocal and instrumental stabs throughout to make this a real rolling breaker

12. Morlack – Kool Operator

If it’s a bit of downtempo wobble, then this is for you. Not known for this riddim styles, but more for making ultra funky breaks, Morlack produces a wobbler filled with reggae vocals and mixing the drums up for those different styles in the track.

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BBP-149: Badass Funk Vol. 2

It’s for Breakbeat Paradise Recordings to get back to business and follow up on the one of their most successful releases in the beloved series called Badass Funk! The volume one in the series is nearly impossible to follow but a dream team of 8 of the very best oldskool funky breaks producers has done just that on this epic volume two, which perfectly represents what BBP is all about: the uplifting and badass side of the funk!

The release makes room for both both originals, funky mashups and lots of big funky grooves. Some of the badass producers from volume is had to re-feature on volume 2 but there plenty of new blood making a big entrense on this funky piece of wax. Label-owner BadboEis letting loose on a new badass joint along with other BBP residence Breakbeat Junkievs DJPand Roast Beatzdoing their funky thang. B-Side& Turntill & Merlinare both bringing MCs along to push the envelope on their epic jams.

New talent to feature for the first time on the series are Morlack, Tossesand Ewan Hoozami, who has been invited to the exclusive club by bringing the biggest weapons in thier funky arsenals.

BBP is always on the spot to delivery the biggest and baddest jams in the scene – and puts big pride in offering this exclusively on vinyl. But fear not – there will be a digital release of this down the road.

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BBP140: Morlack – Ghetto Disco Vol. 2

Just as you thought it couldn’t get more disco – Breakbeat Paradise Recordings is back at your service for a second installment of the Ghetto Disco series. This time with a true household name on BBP: Morlack who returns for his 10th solo release on the label!

Morlack is doing his thing across 5 super funky cuts of ghetto disco to follow up on Morongroover & Mr Bristows successful vol. 1 release which dropped a few month back. The basslines are big and the party vibes even bigger as Morlack digs out some rare disco grooves and makes them his own by applying his signature ghetto rocking arrangements.

The EP kicks off with the party disco rockin’ In Ur Face jam, which will be a sure party starter and perfect for the upcoming holidays parties. The party continues on the second cut called Smokin’ ‘n’ Drikin which slows it down a bit and makes room for a classic hip hop acapella to take center stage.

Things are gonna get big on the 3rd cut which take things way back to the oldskool on the Luv U Mama which has already seen support by Roast Beatz on the Official Ghetto Funk podcast. Party vibes for everyone continues as the Show Me How jam glides across the airways. Last but not least Morlack end things with a real smooth banger on the Come & Get It joint. Morlack has brought us yet another classic EP.

Keep an eye on BBP for your supply of groovy funky bangers…  

Feedback from the scene:


Contact Support / Score Comment
Dj One (Aliens In Denmark) Support (10/10) Proper heavy disco vibes!!!
Psychotropic Frequencies Support (8/10) Great stuff, fully support it, bigups to Morlack!
Waggles Support (8/10) boom
Mr Bristow Support (8/10) Nice follow up – great work!
Breaks Ida Support (6/10) Nice one.
Mike Swaine (Bass & Breaks) Support (8/10) Banging.
Ambl Beats Support (7/10) Nice work
Dj Clairvo (MustBeat) Support (9/10) It’s nice to see Ben is back with his own ways as usually! Supporting for sure!
Katrine Ring (Vibezone) Support (8/10) Morlack is so funky! And this EP proves it!
DJ Cockney Nutjob Support (10/10) Morlack is on top form with this EP – Love it!
Funkliners Support (9/10) top grooves!
Trotter Support (9/10) DOPE !!! Morlack always rockin’ the place !!!!
Mr Rich and the Caretaker Support (9/10) Excellent
Fabsie Funk Support (8/10) Morlack dropping the funk jams! Love the shante drop on luv u mama
Quincy Jointz Support (7/10) “Show me how” and “Come & get it” are the ones for me. Not really something special but good anyway.
Pulp Fusion Support (8/10) man… all are bangers!
Morongroover Support (7/10) Very nicely produced pack of dicso influenced breaks. A tad too much on the side breaks rather than the disco imho.
Doe Ran – Bootlegs & B Sides Support (9/10) Full Fat Funk
Buba King Support (7/10) The Morlack Funk Machine is non stop 😉
Johnny Beats Support (10/10) Morlak sets the bar higher and higher with each release.. Straight 10s on this across the board..
Ill Turner Support (9/10) Very dope!
Doctor Hooka Support (10/10) Always got nothing but love for Morlack, fantastic release!!


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