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BBP-186: Mined & Forrest – Cool Operator EP

BBP-186: Mined & Forrest – Cool Operator EP

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2020-10-23

Catalog number: BBP-186

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Cool Operator
Mined & Forrest
Rock It
Mined & Forrest
NY Diesel
Mined & Forrest
My Siren Song (feat. Amanda Power)
Mined & Forrest

Mined & Forrest is back with the 2nd EP drop this year and the 4th EP on BBP called Cool Operator. The funky production duo has been keeping busy through the pandemic and really perfected the sounds and grooves on these 4 epic new glitchy funk bangers.
As you hear the very first groove of the Cool Operator title track you know that this EP is gonna be funky. Smooth electric glitchy funk with all the little chopped up vocals that we have come to love Mined & Forrest for. Some live sax and guitar solos have been added to bring the vibes to the maximum on this catchy tune.
The boys kick it up a notch on the Rock It tune that features some catching rock n roll guitar hooks and some steady rolling ghetto funk beats. The vocal hooks and sample mixing keep it ultra-funky as this progressive tune rolls it way through the airwaves.
Mined & Forrest returns to the more soulful vibes on the third cut of the EP called NY Diesel, which features some smooth beats and big grooves.
Last but certainly not least they team up with vocalist Amanda Power who brings some mystique to the tunes and Mined & Forrest has just the trippy vibes to go with it. On the My Siren Song we hear two opera singers which fit perfectly with the trippy dub grooves on this track.
Another banger of an EP filled with funk from Mined & Forrest and BBP family