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Producer – Remixer and DJ

Beezerk tries to describe feelings and statements thru his music. It’s a kind of message that tells the people his definition of sound…

I got involved with music in 1988 when I got my first Keyboard. I experienced around making sounds and teaching myself how to play. In 1993 when the big rave and breakbeat scene came over the world I began collecting music. In 1995 I bought my first turntable and a tapedeck-recorder. Modified those two devices and made them pitchable – my dj career began. I was djing a lot at local parties and birthdays etc. until I got my first personal computer. With the knowledge on how to put sounds together I started to realize my own ideas and began to make music. Since then I tried to get my music more and more professional and spend every free minute making music. It’s a pretty cool mixture to a producer and a disc jockey. Both jobs are pretty different but have also a lot in common. I learn from the dj thing to spice up productions and vice versa from producing to mashup beats more efficient.
As Dj I prefer to play pretty banging and propulsive stuff that makes the people dance, jump and shout. Pretty simple music. My alter ego, the producing side tries to describe feelings and statements thru the music. It’s a kind of message that tells the people my definition of sound.
I prefer to produce my music thru software. Many people say that hardware sounds warmer and more alive, but I love the perfect and clear sound of digital devices. Software is for me the most efficient way to realize my ideas.
I love the electronic music. I adore the seeming inexhaustible variety and range of variation this music genre offers. I’m pretty much inspired by the 70’s disco and 90’s dance music. That was the time that created the best music in my eyes. Both decades impressed me a lot.
My style isn’t easy to describe because there are so many influences I introduce into my music, I fuse all the things I like into the music to one day create the most amazing tune ever written! :o)