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Mined & Forrest

Mined & Forrest


Mined & Forrest are no other than Mined from Obba Select and Forrest Funk.

Inspired by classic funk, modern bass design and hiphop sampling they teamed up to bring their musical ideas together.

Spending lots of time in the studio turning knobs and hitting keys, they now have a bunch of funky tunes ready to hit the dancefloors out there.
Their debut EP „There it is“ will be released via Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, an internationally known music label.

Attention: Name dropping.
No one less than Jayl Funk remixed the title track „There it is“.

Wanna have a funkafied* night? Try to catch them if you can.

*Funkafied – Someone’s Funkafied when moving or dancing to Funk music, getting into the groove, losing control over body and mind while the soul is taking over.

Booking: mined.forrest@gmx.de


Email: michael.newell@obbaselect.com

The artist

Nationality: German

Resident in: Germany