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BBP-118: Calagad 13 – Music Is My Life EP

BBP-118: Calagad 13 – Music Is My Life EP

Label: Breakbeat Paradise Recordings

Release date: 2016-01-21

Catalog number: BBP-118

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Music Is My Life EP
Music Is My Life EP
  1. The Fonkey Callin’ (Vocal Mix)
  2. Think Positive
  3. The Great Battle (Vocal Mix)
  4. Electro Boggie Nation
  5. Music Is My Life 2016 (Human Beatbox Version)
  6. Flow
  7. The Fonkey Callin’ (Instrumental)
  8. Think Positive (Instrumental)
  9. The Great Battle (Instrumental)
  10. Slow (Bonus Breath)

We’re happy to welcome back Calagad 13 to the label. After releasing some bad ass vinyls on his label Fresh Kingdom, Calagad 13 has now returned to drop some oldskool b-boy breaks for us right here on BBP.

The Music Is My Life EP really takes us back to the oldskool with some 80s electro boogie as well as some funky soul chop up’s and some classic breakbeat material. This release is dedicated to the breakdancing scene, but it does have crossover appeal to the club scene, where these jams could be doing some damage on the dancefloors as well. As we are a sucker for the oldskool here at BBP, this EP had no problem fitting right into our catalog.

Look out for the catchy funky guitar licks on the Fonkey Callin’ tune, and the funky JB sounding Think Positive, the bad ass b-boy bumpers like The Great Battle and the Electro Boggie Nation and the soulful Flow tune and Slow (Bonus Breath). Not to forget the title tune Music Is My Life which is already a well-known classic tune in the b-boy breaks scene – but on this EP in a previously unreleased Human Beatbox Version. The EP comes with instrumental cuts of each tune for your mixing pleasure.

As always BBP is here to give you the original vibe and keeping the breaks and the funk alive for 2016 and beyond.